Gov. Jerry Brown Sets Ceremony to Sign Movie, TV Tax Credit Bill



We had a similar thing in Michigan until it was revoked. Made our film industry boom. As a filmmaker in training, I am jealous.


May we expect some films that emphasize Catholic morality? :thumbsup:


And I thought lowering taxes to bring about new businesses was a republican idea that nobody liked.:rolleyes:


Ones that emphasize Catholic morality, values, and mindset, oh yes. But think less “Heaven is for real” and more Lord of the rings(or Les Mis), as V (for vendetta) said, using lies to tell the truth. Just thinking about fantasy from a Catholic viewpoint is so radically different from the way the rest of the world treats it. The idea of the supernatural as personal and not Starwarsish “force,” the idea that we have no power outside of that which we ally ourselves with in that realm… it makes me happy just thinking about it.

And just the difference with which I want to treat the ideas of choice, identity, freedom, etc. are so alien to a secular worldview that it would make people uncomfortable without any religious reference at all. So, fun.

Hooray for tangents!


I find the news on Gov. Brown negative almost always. It is interesting though that he granted a request by an Orthodox Abbot to allow him to be buried on the grounds of his Church. So, for once he did the right thing.


We can always expect. And hope … for the change.

More likely this even rewards the pornography business more than I’d like to think about.

Maybe Brown is running for President (again … or still). With TV ads from almost as liberal New York inviting businesses to come to the Empire State (from here in Cali) … maybe Brown knows he has to do something.

A mere relaxing of the some of the insanely stupid anti-business laws in this state could stem the flow of jobs and corporate relocations elsewhere - and make California the engine of US economic recovery (instead of the loose caboose that threatens to derail it more).

If Jerry Brown could summon some benign neglect for a bit, California’s natural blessings could lead to a quick recovery unto a success story that actually COULD vault him into the White House. After all money just COMES to California from all over the US and the world via tourism, trade, seaports, airports and highways. It’s a breadbasket, has oil, is a technology leader, is the interface with the burgeoning Far East, has industries like fishing, lumber, farming, brewing and vintners … and in the old days people used to retire here bringing their money (for the rest of their lives) instead of leaving the state to try to protect their little nest eggs from the vulturous and wasteful government.

I almost cramp up as I’m typing this, but upon reflection, maybe Jerry Brown really might be the best candidate the Democrats have for 2016! Though they tend not to nominate their best. < In that respect the two parties are a bit alike IMO. :hmmm: - grrr…umble mumble …


Lowering taxes for everyone is a good idea. Targeting special tax breaks for an industry that is overwhelmingly liberal is very much a Democrat policy, but copied too frequently by Republicans for their own special interests.


I don’t think it’s a “Democrat” (you meant “Democratic,” right?) idea so much as a pro-business idea.

New York, were I live, is very friendly to the film industry, and both Democratic (Beame, Koch, Dinkins) and Republican (Giuliani, Bloomberg) mayors have embraced the industry. The state provides incentives, too. And I don’t think the city and state governments are courting film production is that they think it will produce more liberal propaganda.

All in all, I think it’s good for the city.


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