Gov. Jindal signs law that could shutter abortion clinics


NEW ORLEANS – Most of Louisiana’s abortion clinics could be in danger of closing, said an attorney for the clinics, now that Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed a bill into law that sets stricter standards for abortion clinics.

“Realistically and unfortunately, many of them will not be able to comply, and at that point clinics will be forced to close,” said Ellie Schilling, attorney for the clinics.

“Today because of our hard work, Louisiana has been declared the most pro-life state in the country year after year,” Jindal said at a press conference in West Monroe where he signed the bill into law.


can we get permission to clone Bobby Jindal and use him as governor in every state?

These are common sense laws designed to actually PROTECT women!


Nice thought, but cloning a human person is also immoral. :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately it will take much more time, and the toll of countless baby lives, before anything returns to normal. It’s good to see, though, a progress.
:highprayer: The blood of the innocent cries up to God for revenge.


This is a good thing. Hopefully the abortion clinics will shut down.


Thanks be to God for people like Bobby Jindal in office. Politics can be used for good. I used to be more cynical, now I am realizing there are moral politicians.


Since we are told repeatedly that Republicans never do anything about abortion are we to assume Jindal is a Democrat?


This legislation is good but Jindal still needs to go.


Better yet, clone him and put them on the Supreme Court!


Honestly, most of the pro-life legislation that’s been passed within the past 3-4 years (which has been more than the previous 37-38 years COMBINED) is because Obama’s election actually jolted the GOP into action about pro-life legislation. Before then, it was something the GOP supported on paper, but really did very little to advance. The focus was on nominating judges that would overturn Roe v. Wade, and that (plus the so-called Mexico City policy) was the extent of most of their pro-life efforts. Unfortunately, several of the Supreme Court justices that were nominated by GOP Presidents turned out to not be as pro-life as they would have hoped (Sandra Day O’Connor, Anthony Kennedy, etc.). During the first 6 years of George W. Bush’s Presidency, the GOP had a huge opportunity to pass pro-life legislation at the federal level - and yet came out only with the “Partial-birth abortion” ban, which abortionists simply found a work-around to (by giving Digoxin injections instead). Why? Because Bush cared more about fighting wars and No Child Left Behind (which gave the final impetus for Common Core, btw). Honestly, though, it took extreme opposition to life to shake the GOP into no longer being lukewarm when it came to pro-life issues.


(Chart via Guttmacher Institute)

I may have read somewhere about this, I am not sure, but isn’t it that in 2010 Republicans gained majorities in multiple legislatures and gained governorships, and that is why so much abortion regulation legislation has been able to pass in the last 3 - 4 years?

Republicans did not only come out with the partial birth abortion ban, by the way Barack Obama has been opposed to a general partial birth abortion ban, perhaps he has changed now, but Republicans in Congress between 2002 and 2006 did introduce abortion related bills:

Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act

H.R. 6099 (109th): Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act of 2006

H.R. 6169 (109th): Post-Abortion Depression Research and Care Act

S. 3939 (109th): RU-486 Patient Health and Safety Protection Act

S. 1983 (109th): Abortion Non-Discrimination Act of 2005

H.R. 2971 (109th): Parental Notification and Intervention Act of 2005


This is the kind of story that sends democrat Catholics into a fit of rationalization and excuse making. Perhaps we will hear, “but Jindal is for cutting school lunches for poor kids”. Or: but Jindal is for forcing college students to pay back their student loans." Or maybe even: “it’s nice that Jindal will help save the lives of the unborn, but he’s a Republican - so he has to go.” Oh wait - we already heard the last one. There is nothing that worries them more than an effective pro-life Republican. Because that forces them to confront the reality of their support for the democrat party and what that means.



To Washington?


No, silly - go home where he can’t do things like sign pro-life legislation. He’s a Republican so he must go. There are some things worse than abortion and being a Republican is one of them.



Praise God; and may the Holy Spirit work in the hearts of the people to be softened for Truth, and strengthened for adversity. I pray especially for pregnant women; that they may experience Christ’s love, and fathers, that they may be emissaries of that love.


Yes, I love it. And I think the Obama administration probably did help mobilize the Republicans to act on this issue. Also with ultrasounds, Dr. Gosnell (was that his name), etc. public opinion is changing in a way it hasn’t before I don’t think. I suspect this could well continue on and on. And it does bump Jindal up even higher in my esteem.


Hopefully not. He’s neither easy nor able to lead as commander and chief.

He’s done a lot of damage to the educational system in Louisiana.


You are opposed to students/parents (high % minority) having options w/ vouchers to pull out of failing public schools and attending a high quality school? Doesn’t the Black Alliance for Educational Opportunity support Jindal? A very high % of parents who receive vouchers support Jindal’s efforts.


That’s a really good idea, i.e., vouchers for minorities who would not normally have access to a high quality education. Although, I’d be interested to know how Governor Jindal failed the public school system in Louisiana.


Would be nice, wouldn’t it - to get an explanation as to why a Catholic would oppose a pro-life governor because of a disagreement on education policy. I don’t expect much of an answer or specifics. So many catholics are liberal politics first, pro-life second. But who knows, maybe we’ll get an explanation.

As for Jindal, he is a very smart man and an education reformer. His policies, however, would likely anger those with a vested interest in continuing the same education system which has basically failed - such as the teachers unions and liberal ideologues.



I hope the transition from clinic to hospital is smooth.

State of abortion 2014 in case you haven’t seen it.

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