Gov. John Bel Edwards signs measure to expand medical accessibility of marijuana in Louisiana


Louisiana residents suffering from certain health ailments may soon have access to cannabis oil treatment, under an new law Gov. John Bel Edwards signed Thursday.

Senate Bill 271, which the governor signed into law during a ceremony featuring families in his Capitol office, is intended to expand the medical accessibility of marijuana.

Medical marijuana has been legal for decades in Louisiana, but there has been no legal or logistical infrastructure for its production or distribution and it was limited to a short list of medical conditions.

The new law will allow people suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, wasting syndrome, seizure disorders and spasticity, Crohn’s disease, muscular dystrophy, or multiple sclerosis to seek a doctor’s “recommendation” **for non-intoxicating cannabis oil **treatment.

“This is one of those bills that I believe will have a positive impact on people who need it the most,” Edwards said.




This country is in the toilet and the flush valve is on the way down, and our leaders are promoting pot.

And we wonder why the vortex is picking up speed…



Who will grow and supply this?

Who will check it for quality and consistency?

Where will it be offered for sale?

What does the State get out of it monetarily?

Who will regulate and oversee distribution?

I’m not arguing that it should not be made available to persons who need it, but who approved this oil for public consumption?



The problem with marijuana is that it’s so tempting to abuse, as is alcohol and hard drugs. But in defence of pot, I honestly believe it can be a great medicine for mental disorders like depression, panic attacks, stress and suicidal ideation. If I owned a gun, there’s a good chance that I would not be here to write this. But the gun debate aside, I also think that without pot I would probably have committed suicide long ago. When in a suicidal state, marijuana amazes me. After just a minute or so, all the negativity that make up suicidal thinking just vanishes. It’s not as good as Centering and Contemplative Prayer, but for people not sufficient in these prayer methods, pot is a great alternative for coping with life when your chips are down.

I would like to see a study done with strict pot users and chronic alcoholism in predicting violent aggression, while controlling for key social and personality factors.


LSU and Southern University. If they decide not to produce it, then private companies will be allowed to produce it.

The universities decide what to produce and how to produce it. If not them, then private companies.

Your local doctor would prescribe the non-intoxicating cannabis oil and you would pick it up at your pharmacy.

Not much. Well, the universities that produce it would probably get a nice contract just to recoup the costs involved with producing it.

Doctors and pharmacists.

Medical doctors, medicinal marijuana advocates, the state legislature, and the Governor of Louisiana.


Thank you, very much.



This is good. Marijuana is legitimate if used for medical purposes. People should have access to any kind of medicine they need.


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