Gov. Matt Bevin signs new abortion bill at Capitol Rotunda


**FRANKFORT, Ky. —**Hundreds gathered at the Capitol Rotunda on Thursday to see the signing of the new abortion bill by Gov. Matt Bevin.

Of course those who attended were on both sides of the issue, showing this fight is far from over.

“So God, we stand in solidarity for the least privileged: the unborn,” Father Charles Howell said.


The signing of Bevin’s “Informed and Consent” abortion bill started with a five-minute-long prayer, which received a loud applause from supporters of the new legislation.

The bill, signed last week, requires women seeking abortions to have a face-to-face consultation – in person or by live video chat – at least 24 hours before an abortion.

The previous bill allowed women to listen to a recorded message about risks and benefits.

"Many have fought for a long, long time to see meaningful prolife legislation come out of this legislature and be signed into law. This is the first of any significance in 12 years,” Bevin said.

"We know that abortion is wrong at its core. It’s evil. So we’re never going to go away,” Susan Kenney said.

God bless this righteous governor. :thumbsup:


And all such laws will be washed away by a 7-2 liberal Supreme Court.


Kennedy is for some restrictions, so if a liberal replaces Scalia, it becomes 5-4 against restrictions, where as right now it’s a 4-4 tie. Still a loss but not as bad as 7-2.


The 10th Amendment needs to be restored. It really is a state matter as states decide the penalty/punishments for such acts.


If Trump wins the nomination, Hillary will win the general and she will appoint the next 2-3 justices. In that scenario, the best we can hope for is a 6-3.


But what about Planned Parenthood v Casey. This allowed for states to pass abortion restrictions. If that is place, how could a 7-2 court with the majority being liberals, sweep away all the abortion restrictions, given Planned Parenthood v Casey?

By the way, Democrats in the House of Representatives in 2014, brought the Women’s Health Protection Act, which seeks to overturn many if not all of the abortion regulation laws passed in the states. Info:

Very disturbing. Democrats must be stopped from getting a majority in the House if they would support legislation like this. Polls show most Americans support some form of abortion restriction or another. That bill is out of step and so are the Democrats who support such a bill.


By the way, Democrats in the House of Representatives in 2014, brought the Women’s Health Protection Act, which seeks to overturn many if not all of the abortion regulation laws passed in the states. Info:

Gee, I thought Democrats wanted high standards for medical care liked regulations. :jrbirdman:


Democrats who would support such a bill should be asked - what regulations for abortion clinics do you support?

Per the Grand Jury report on the Gosnell case:

Mrs. Mongar’s slim chances of survival were seriously hampered because it was exceedingly difficult for responders to get her to the waiting ambulance. The emergency exit was locked. Gosnell sent Ashley to the front desk to look for the key, but she could not find it. Ashley told us that a firefighter needed to cut the lock, but “It took him awhile … because the locks is old.” She testified that it took “twenty minutes, probably trying to get the locks unlocked.” Mrs. Gurung and her mother-in-law ran outside, crying. Mr. Ghalley and Mrs. Gurung, frightened, watched the firefighters struggling to get the door open, while Karnamaya Mongar lay motionless. After cutting the locks, responders had to waste precious more minutes trying to maneuver through the narrow cramped hallways that could not accommodate a stretcher. - pages 158 and 159

ASFs stands for ambulatory service facilities. That clinic didn’t have to meet certain standards in regards to the width of hallways etc. because it didn’t have to meet ambulatory service facility standards - there was no regulation in place. That could have contributed to Mrs. Mongar’s death, because if it had been easier to get her out of the clinic to get to the hospital, she may have been saved in time.

How many injuries and maybe deaths could there have been at abortion clinics, without the regulations that currently exist in many states?!


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