Gov. Mike Pence signs bill to ditch Common Core


Gov. Mike Pence signed legislation today requiring Indiana to adopt its own academic standards and opt out of Common Core — making Indiana the first state to opt out of the controversial national standards.

The law basically solidifies action already in the works to redesign Indiana’s academic standards by the Department of Education and the Center for Education & Career Innovation, the agency Pence created to coordinate all education levels and job training.

“I believe our students are best served when decisions about education are made at the state and local level,” said Pence in a release about Senate Bill 91.




“I believe our students are best served when decisions about education are made at the state and local level,” said Pence in a release about Senate Bill 91.

I completely agree.




So do I. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


:frowning: Indiana beat us to the punch???


Good for him!

I saw one of the examples for Common Core Math and it was ridiculous!


Most of Common Core I can agree with criticism of. I’ve seen the pictures of politically charged workbooks. I’ve heard stories of teachers handing out A’s for effort. But Common Core Math is the one thing I can’t really criticize. Sure, it’s a more complicated way to actually do the calculations. But it explains better to the kids how math works. Which is important to getting the world to stop hating the subject. It’s just that we also need to teach the “old-fashioned” way to do math, so they can actually do calculations on paper. But to be honest, I use some of the Common Core math tricks before Common Core existed.



Texas never adopted it in the first place.


And a rather famous charter school scandal to go with it.


Woo Hoo! Can we just ditch the whole of the federal government because of scandal? I love the precedent it makes by judging based on scandal! On the other hand, no education would exist if we did this.


Well, this is good to hear! I am from Indiana and have always lived here. :slight_smile:


As compared to public school systems like Detroit where 6% of students are proficient readers, or Chicago where the state basketball champion had 8% meet the minimum standard for math?

Charter schools are experimental in nature, but their record is better overall than traditional public school systems in the large cities. Failing charter schools can be shut down pretty fast compared to the failing public schools systems.


There is no evidence to suggest that students perform better academically in a private or charter school vs a public school. There are several studies which demonstrate that they do not. The people of Detroit haven’t really valued education for many years and people need to stop blaming the public school system for their failures as parents and their childrens’ academic failure.


In my area they do. We take standardized tests and this Catholic school consistently blows the top off. In the end, the only difference is a local one, as that is the only options parents have, or at least those with enough income, which is why we need vouchers to help the poor.


Unfortunately Phil, my granddaughter lives in Pa. God bless Mike Pence! Local school districts performed much better before the states and feds intruded where they did not belong. Rob :mad:


Appearances can be deceiving. Most private schools have strict academic standards which sometimes translate into requirements even for admission. Private schools can and do expel students for academic reasons and their poor performers are essentially dumped on the public school system. Public schools do not have that option. The assertion that private schools are better academically than public schools is basically smoke and mirrors. If this were an issue of private schools offering a higher quality education then we would see transplants from the public school system performing better academically after their transition. Many studies into the matter have found no significant improvement in academic performance. It isn’t public schools or public school teachers which are the problem; its the students themselves and their parents.


Here, the academic environment is better in the private school. No smoke. No mirrors. I do not doubt that just the behavioral standards (here there is no expulsion for grades) makes a huge difference. Removing the distraction of the worst behavioral problems is a plus.


OF COURSE many public schools are operated like zoos. Who is it, though, who brings lawsuits which make it impossible to enforce dicipline, and who is it who has replaced natural parents, (usually fathers), with Big Brother welfare checks? Leftists buying votes, giving no consideration to the preservation of civil society, that’s who. :yup: Rob

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