Gov. Nikki Haley Accepts Trump Offer to Be Ambassador to United Nations: Source


South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has accepted Donald Trump’s offer to be his ambassador to the United Nations, a source familiar with the president-elect’s transition process confirmed to NBC News on Wednesday.


I don’t know that I care much about who is the UN ambassador but I don’t like Haley being elevated to any position. She is a typical neocon. She’s also a globalist with no respect for the culture or people she grew up in. Maybe this is best for the good people of SC. If only they could also get rid of Lindsey.


Interesting choice. I like Nikki Haley yet did not see that one coming. (shrugs)

A few factoids:
If confirmed by the Senate, Nikki Haley will be the fourth consecutive woman as UN Ambassador (Samantha Power, Rosemary DiCarlo, Susan Rice). The first woman ever appointed being Jeane Kirkpatrick by President Ronald Reagan. Kirkpatrick was given cabinet status.

It was noted she will most likely be given cabinet status.

For an opinion on cabinet status of the UN Ambassador - I was was reading David Bosco {author of book The UN Security Council and the Making of the Modern World} for some insight.

Does it matter whether the point person for U.N. diplomacy also has a seat at the inner table in Washington? I think it does, and I’d argue that the consequences are mostly negative. For one, having a cabinet role means that America’s U.N. envoy spends much less time in New York than she would otherwise. This limits her ability to engage in the detailed, informal consultations with other permanent representatives — particularly on the Security Council — that are so critical to U.N. diplomacy. The jet-setting of U.S. ambassadors has been a persistent point of tension with fellow U.N. ambassadors. Asked recently to give Power one piece of advice, a senior diplomat at the U.N. almost pleaded that she spend as much time as possible in New York.

Cabinet rank for the U.N. ambassador also creates the potential for unnecessary friction in the making of U.S. foreign policy. In bureaucratic terms, the U.N. ambassador — like any ambassador — serves under the secretary of state and executes policy ordered by the secretary. But the ambassador’s presence in the cabinet confuses that chain of command. By virtue of her seat at the cabinet table, the U.N. ambassador can help “write her own instructions.” This arrangement has in the past created all sorts of problems. Dwight Eisenhower’s man at the U.N., Henry Cabot Lodge, had cabinet rank and a close relationship with the president. He once told the secretary of state that he only took instructions from the president. In the Reagan years, Kirkpatrick and Secretary of State Alexander Haig feuded badly. Given the visibility of the U.N. ambassador, this tension might occur in any case, but cabinet rank makes it much more likely.

One hears a variety of arguments in favor of the practice: It elevates the place of the United Nations and multilateralism generally in U.S. foreign policy; it means that the U.N. ambassador speaks with added authority; it adds another foreign-policy perspective to cabinet deliberations. To my mind, none of these is compelling, and to the extent they are advantages at all, they do not compensate for the costs.


Trump to nominate SC Gov. Haley to be UN Ambassador, transition says


South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley accepts President-elect Donald Trump’s offer of UN ambassador


Cool, I like the woman.


I actually like Haley because she agreed to take down the Confederate Flag.


It certainly is an honor to her.

But imagine being ambassador to that corrupt organization. :eek: Endless demands for money, appointments to human rights posts of the worst offenders, “treaties” debated that are yet another demand for first world money, pretending terrorists aren’t terrorists.

But they probably do go to a fair number of champagne dinners.


that seems like a good appointment.


I volunteer to be ambassador to Tahiti. :smiley:


Sorry, but it’s taken. You can still apply for Tajikistan, however. :slight_smile:


Nikki–or Nimrata, to give her real name–comes from a Sikh family. Note that Canada has four (4!) Sikhs in its cabinet, including the Minister of Defence.

So that’s good–no Bush re-treads, no whackos.

But…Nikki’s degree from Clemson is in accounting, not international affairs or anything remotely connected with international affairs. She has never lived abroad. I don’t know if she speaks Punjabi or if she has ever visited India. It would be nice if she does and has.

Is there no one else out of 320 million people that has an academic background in international affairs, economics, or law? Are there no businessmen/women who have international experience? There must be millions of them. Why not choose one???


I don’t know much about her other than both her parents are from India. I am not sure what her degree was in or how long she has been governor. I am not sure what our ambassador to the UN actually does.


Governor Haley is my governor. She is sober to the point of dryness, but since our last governor dragged us through a nasty sex scandal, that suits us just fine. She’s a disciplined woman good at projecting an aura of calm, but I’m unaware of any foreign policy qualifications.


This might have something to do with Governor Haley being pro life and the U.N…not so much.


I’ve read quotes where the Trump team has said she’s a “deal maker” and that the U.S. will be making a lot of deals. :shrug:


The UN in general works against US interests. Her job will be to work to promote US interest, which I think she can do.

I share you concern regarding her lack of international experience.

Given the state of University/College education in the US, I don’t see her lack of a degree in the area as a negative, more of a plus. She hasn’t been indoctrinated by the group-think which has seemed to overtaken academia.

I do agree there are people with better resumes for the position. Might have been interesting to look within the diplomatic corps of government employees, select from the professionals vice a purely political appointee, pick someone with extensive experience in a region of concern to the US- like the Mideast.


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