Government Declares War On Your Wealth

Memorial Day weekend, when we honor those who have served in our military forces to defend and protect this great nation.

Yet I can’t help but also think about the dire straits our country is in. That Europe is also in. And how governments are now waging another war. A war on debt.

That would be a good thing if the governments of Europe and the United Sates were truly restraining spending, but they are not.

It would be a good thing if they were stopping their borrowing and instead living within their means. But they are not.

Instead, they are declaring war on your wealth.

They continue to borrow and spend with reckless abandon. And desperate for revenue they need, they are now making you the enemy, targeting your money and wealth like never before.

For one thing, they are keeping interest rates at artificially low levels, to effectively rob you of the return on your savings.

For another, they are devaluing their currencies, robbing your money of its purchasing power.

And for yet another, they are quietly moving to effectively confiscate your wealth. Not by making gold illegal to own, like Roosevelt did in the early 1930’s …

But by moving to chase down every nook and cranny to find every penny of money you have, so that someday, they can either freeze it, tax it, or outright confiscate it.

Don’t believe me? Then consider the following …

Representative Barbara Boxer of California has introduced a bill (already passed by the Senate) that will revoke the passports of Americans accused of a tax delinquency, and without due process of law.

The accused will be placed in a centralized database and their right to bear arms will also be removed.

HR 4646, a bill now circulating Congress, calls for a 1% tax on every bank transaction you make, electronic or not. It also requires that everyone receiving social security checks provide the government with a direct deposit method so the 1% tax can be tracked and applied to Social Security payments. Taxing Medicare benefits are coming next.

Have a dime over $10,000 overseas, even if for just one day, and you better report it, or you’ll face criminal charges by the Internal Revenue Service.
In Europe, they are taking similar measures, all designed to hunt down every euro its citizens have, to track them and to tax them.

It’s all part and parcel of the sovereign debt crises infecting the western world. Thing is, it’s been tried before. Before the collapse of the Roman civilization. Before Byzantium collapsed. Before Weimar Germany collapsed. And more.

All in the name of using your money and your wealth to pay off debts that government leaders incurred.

It’s also the reason why more Americans than ever before are now giving up their U.S. citizenship, a very sad commentary on our country.
I don’t like any of this, one bit at all. I believe it will destroy our economy and our country.

  • Larry Edelson

Democrats ought to be locked up until their mental problems can be cured.

It might be easier to stop the spending if the people were not so corrupted by it that they continually demand it and are willing to turn out those politicians who do not give into their demands.
It is an unfortunate truth - that the only way that this matter can end is in a complete collapse of the system. Whether that collapse will be gradual or sudden we cannot tell, but collapse it must.

Unless our Lord returns first.


What principles of Catholic Social Doctrine are relevant to these troubling matters?

I can think of one. All wealth ultimately belongs to God and has, as its ultimate end, the Common Good of all people. The concept of absolutely, utterly inviolable Private Property rights (MY wealth! Mine, mine, mine!) held by the far right wing is a heresy as far as Catholic Social Doctrine is concerned. Everything belongs to God. No human being created the earth, the sun, the moon, the oceans, or even himself or his parents. Everything belongs to God and is meant to love and serve God. When we cling to material goods, and horde them, and treat materials goods as if they were ours to do with as we please, it is we (not “the government”) who declare war…we declare war on the sovereignty of God. We say, right along with Satan, “non serviam” (I will not serve!)

Ayn Rand was a person with principles, and she has today many followers, including Alan Greenspan and many others in the neo-con movement. But Ayn Rand’s principles are Satanic principles.

But, beyond that, I do not claim to know the best path forward in terms of the exact governmental and business policies and practices. I only know that far right wingers who dominate talk radio and who fill up endless web pages, and who reject basic principles of Catholic Social Doctrine, do not know the way forward. They only know the way to perdition.

I think it is best to view everything from the Catholic point of view.

The way of God is generally the way of tranquility, reason, prudence, and brotherly love.

The way of political agitators of the right and of the left is generally the way of rage, outrage, anger, grudges, blame, exaggeration, conspiracy theories, paranoia, fear, factions, sects, wild allegations [e.g., the birther issue, and the “911 Truth Movement”], selective facts, demonization of one’s neighbors, and a deep longing to see one’s enemies punished, humiliated and vanquished.

That’s my opinion, anyway.

unless big government is your God,that ain’t where the money is going.

Well, I think the problem is that we haven’t worked seriously at alternates at all. My city really only has one private homeless shelter – 2 million people cannot do better? We have a few scattered food banks, but they aren’t equal to the task of feeding all of the people who depend on WIC. We have a few job training centers, but not enough to take care of the people who need it. It’s not a simple matter of shutting off welfare and everything is fine – we have about 25% of our people who are chronically unemployed. What do we do when so many have no means to protect themselves or feed themselves or provide for themselves? Unless Americans are willing to deal with these problems on a significant scale, we have to live with the welfare monsters that are doing the job we will not.

Yes, without Jesus we have no future.

We are way past your ideas on welafare. Socialism and welfare were tried in a big way in 1933 by President FDR and by President Johnson. All those welfare programs were failures. We are now paying for those failures with the permanent collapse of the global economy and the theft of your wealth by government.

If resources were infinite, no one would have to make choices. There would no economics if there were no scarcity. There would be no economy. No one would have to decide who produces what, or who consumes what. Our little minds cannot fathom the concept of the infinite because everything in our experience is finite. We all have to make choices.

Pope Leo XIII’s On Socialism: He starts off by referring to socialism as a "deadly plague". It is not a long piece and very clearly explains the evils of this movement.

As a follow up, I recommend Rerum Novarum, also by Pope Leo XIII.
The Holy Fathers have always addressed social ills in their encyclicals and if you ever have questions, you can easily find answers in their writings.

I agree that the nation(s) as a whole need to deal with the underlying issues.

That said though, the “welfare monster” that you refer to is busily devouring itself and eventually the people you refer to above WILL find themselves with “no means to protect themselves or feed themselves or provide for themselves”.

Just as a household cannot continue to spend beyond it’s means year after year, so too with the government.

But I hold that the problem - the basic and most fundamental problem - is not with the government, but with the people. Only when the people themselves are convinced of the need and are willing to undertake the discipline required over the generational long haul would there be any chance to reverse the slide toward complete collapse.


I’m glad to see you reference FDR’s programs for indeed this is where the problems really started. Now understand, I’m not laying the blame on FDR and his policies…I think that he did what he felt necessary in a time of great crisis. But much of what he did was intended as temporary measures not permanent solutions. However, these programs grew from the “socialist” thinking and once started - it’s darned hard to stop them.

Then there was a second event that further shifted people’s thinking on these matters.
The Second world War created a cooperation between the Government and the private sector to a degree unheard of previously. Government regulation of business became the norm during the “national emergency”. WW II was followed immediately by “The Cold War” which involved not just the military but economic aspects in order to fight and control.

At home of course, as you mentioned, LBJ started the new round of social programs that pretty much ended any hope of curtailing spending. But no matter - The US had the largest economy in the World…We were “flush”. It was easy why politicians couldn’t resist the easy votes available through promises of social welfare spending.
The problem was things didn’t stay that way…

Bottom line on all of this - and not laying blame on any one person or party…it has taken 80 some odd years to get to this point. We can’t expect the problem to be solved overnight. In my opinion what is needed is a strong, firm commitment to a generational plan - 40 years or more - that disassembles the problematic programs and replaces them with more realistic (and private where possible) solutions.
By creating and sticking to a long term plan, those who have currently promised certain things, and are of a certain age, can count on those things being there.
Those in younger age brackets and better able to plan for lower benefits likewise know what to expect and can make provision.
Every department, office and program would need to be reviewed and “step down” plans put in place and executed.

The alternative to making such a long range plan is sudden and uncontrolled collapse…

IMHO…of course


Satan has come to rule! Satan is using government to declare war on our wealth and our freedom. It was George Washington who said that an out-of-control government is like a fire that will burn down the house. Government is our master and we are its servants.

*“We have been forgetting the basic truth that the greatest threat to human freedom is the concentration of power, whether in the hands of government or anyone else. We have persuaded ourselves that it is safe to grant power, provided it is for good purposes.”

“We are again recognizing the dangers of an over-governed society, coming to understand that good objectives can be perverted by bad means, that reliance on the freedom of people to control their own lives in accordance with their own values is the surest way to achieve the full potential of a great society.”What did Milton Friedman have to say about economic freedom and political freedom? * “Economic freedom is a requirement for political freedom. Economic freedom enables people to cooperate with one another without coercion or central direction. ** Economic Freedom reduces the area over which political power is exercised**.”
The difference between a command economy and a market economy is incentives.

According to Adam Smith and Thomas Jefferson, Government’s role is an umpire, not a participant.

Adam Smith and Thomas Jefferson saw concentrated government power as a great danger to the ordinary man. Three documents that support this view:

  1. Virginia Declaration of Rights – 1776
  2. U.S. Bill of Rights – 1791
  3. Separation of Powers (Executive, Legislative and Judicial)

What is happening today in Greece is just a preview of what will happen in the U.S. Do not waste time.

*The likelihood of a Greek exit from the euro-zone economy — and the common euro currency — has substantially increased.

One of the most obvious signs of this is the fact that Greek citizens have been pulling their cash from the country’s banks en masse.** In just one recent day, the country’s population removed a whopping 800 million euros from the Greek financial system! **

And while some pundits aren’t willing to go so far as to call it a full-scale run on the banks yet, they will at least admit it’s “a jog.”

In addition to the simple fact that it’s a vote of no-confidence, all this money coming out of Greek banks only exacerbates underlying weakness in the country’s system.

While some monetary relief from the so-called “troika” — the European Union, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund — has already been set aside for Greece because of the bailout agreement reached in March … there are now questions as to whether all of that money will be released, or whether it will even help very much.*

  • Nilus

It has reached the point of obscenity. We need to solve the income distribution problem. We know that minimizing the difference benefits rich and poor alike. By every measure, the wealthiest are in better shape in economies with lesser income gaps, and also the poor and middle class are in better shape. It doesn’t matter whether the mechanism is limiting income (Japan), or high taxes (Sweden). The US, with the largest gap, ranks the lowest on every social measure: average educational achievement, social mobility, every measure of health including longevity and infant mortality, child welfare by every standard known. This holds true for the rich and the poor.

What do you propose as an ethical solution?

Get a bigger pie instead of redistributing an ever shrinking pie. Socialism destroys incentives to produce a bigger pie. The end result of socialism is a total collapse of the global economy that is now taking place, first in Europe and then in the United States. Remember that socialism denies God. There is no economic future without Jesus!

**No government anywhere can create wealth and prosperity with worthless paper. **

And no government can repeal the laws of gravity or change the laws of thermodynamics:

• When investors sell bad government bonds, the value of those bonds must plunge, making it next to impossible for those governments to borrow.

• When savers run to safety, money must flood from the weakest banks to the strongest, making it impossible for the weak banks to survive.

That’s what’s happening now and what will continue to happen in the weeks ahead — until and unless the authorities unleash a new wave of money printing that makes previous waves look puny by comparison.


I don’t know why but I can’t copy & paste so you’ll have to go to Snopes. The upshot is a few bill have been proposed as described, most recently HR 4646 and not one got even a single co-sponsor.

Socialism does not deny God. Capitalism does not proclaim God. They are economic systems. Socialism and communism have worked very well in villages throughout history. The modern incarnations of large states is a different story, more totalitarianism than socialism. Totalitarian governments place themselves into the position of being God, which they are not. This is part of the reason that they ultimately fail.

The pie is not shrinking. It is growing. Population is growing faster than the pie. Greedy people are being allowed to horde more than their fair share of the pie. More equitable distribution of wealth is not socialism. Even if it were socialism, there is nothing inherently evil about sharing some means of production, such as power utilities, or government infrastructure. I am not in favor of privatization of all schools, prisons, utilities, ports, roads. etc… Some things, like healthcare systems and highways, and military work better when in owned by the public.

Not true according to Snopes:

Summary: The Obama administration has not proposed or recommended placing a 1% tax on all financial transactions. The idea of the 1% transaction tax stems from a bill repeatedly introduced by a single congressman which has no support from any other member of Congress and no chance of passing.
Origins: Some members of Congress have what might be termed “hobby horse” issues: concepts about which they introduce legislation in Congress after Congress although their bills not only never come close to passing, but never even clear committee to be put to
votes in the first place. The hobby horse of Representative Chaka Fattah of Pennsylvania is the notion of eliminating all federal taxes on individuals and corporations and replacing them with a revenue-generating system based on transaction fees (a concept he originally called the " Transform America Transaction Fee" and now refers to as the “Debt Free America Act”).
In 2004 Rep. Fattah presented a bill calling on Congress to fund a study regarding the replacement of the federal tax code with a transaction fee-based system (H.R. 3759), he introduced a similar bill in 2005 (H.R. 1601), again in 2007 (H.R. 2130), and again in 2009 (H.R. 1703). None of these bills was ever put to a vote, **and only one of them had so much as a single co-sponsor. **

[big snip]

*] Neither “President Obama’s finance team” nor Nancy Pelosi is “recommending a 1% transaction tax.” The proposal for the Debt Free America Act is purely the effort of a single congressman, with no outside support.
*] Neither Representative Peter DeFazio of Oregon nor Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa introduced the Debt Free America Act, co-sponsored it, or has publicly supported it.
*] The included link that supposedly shows Nancy Pelosi endorsing the Debt Free America Act antedates the introduction of that bill to Congress; her comments actually refer to a different, earlier transaction tax proposed in December 2009 by Rep. Peter DeFazio. That bill, known as the “Let Wall Street Pay for the Restoration of Main Street Act” (H.R. 4191), called for the funding of investment in middle class jobs by levying small percentage value taxes on the buying and selling of stocks, futures, swaps, options and other securities. (Although Rep. DeFazio’s bill had 31 co-sponsors, it too languished in committee without being brought to a vote.)
*] Later versions of this item opened with the statement that “ON JANUARY 1ST 2012, THE GOVERNMENT IS REQUIRING EVERYONE TO HAVE DIRECT DEPOSIT FOR SS CHECKS. WONDER WHY?” The Social Security program is switching over to an electronic payments system, but that change is not scheduled to take place until 1 March 2013. As of that date, Social Security recipients will have the option of receiving their benefits payments either through direct deposit to a bank account or via the reloading of a debit card. This change has nothing to do with the Congessional bill discussed above.

Apparently the pie is not growing fast enough, since the Federal government spends $4 billion more every day of the year than it takes in. The total national debt continues to rise, now approaching $15 trillion. There is no growth scenario, no tax scenario, no redistribution scenario, under which it can be repaid.

Fertility rates in Europe are decreasing, resulting in an aging population with a decreasing population of workers and taxpayers. Depopulation is a grave threat.

One might tax everyone earning more than $1 million at 100% without making a dent in the fiscal and debt crisis.

Most countries do not allow unlimited illegal immigration by people with no education like the U.S. does. People with little or no education have low social mobility, especially if they can’t speak the language of the host country.

“Longevity” is a statistical thing that can fool one who doesn’t realize that the older a person or population gets, the longer is his or its life expectancy. That’s just a statistical thing based on the fact that no matter how old a person is, he still has a statistical life expectancy, while, say, a 10 year old has a whole lifetime of hazards to go through. A 100 year old person’s life expectancy is always greater than a 10 year old’s, no matter what. So, older populations always have greater life expectancies than do younger ones. Europe and Japan are very agey socities compared to the U.S. And, of course, in a society that has a 1.3 birth rate per woman like Japan or Italy (ours is 2.1) it’s easier to provide for child welfare, and especially when the highest birth rates in the U.S. are among recent arrivals who, by and large, are poorly educated and have problems communicating.

But, on the whole, is it better to have a population that’s doomed to collapse because few children are being born? I, for one, don’t think so.

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