Government-funded ‘registry of homophobic acts’ launched today in Quebec

QUEBEC, June 18, 2012 ( – In what they are touting as a “world first,” a Quebec homosexual activist group has launched a “registry of homophobic acts” with support and funding from the Quebec Government’s Justice Department. Standing alongside Montreal Police Chief Johanne Paquin and Commander Alain Gagnon, the leadership of the group Gai Ecoute launched the anonymous tipster registry at a press conference today.

The article mentioned that churches that speak out against homosexuality could be punished by having their charitable status removed. This is sickening.

Holly, go to Google map and type “Quebec”. It has a wolf head shape. Remember that place because that place is now properly a God-forsaken place, literally. This is so depressing witnessing what is becoming of my alma mater. Kick God out of schools, remove crucifixes in all public places, forbid mayors to say a prayer before their meetings, eventually God gets the message and gives people what they want: a secular, humanist, God-less society. In the Us at least you have some elements of christianity left in your culture, here it’s been done with. God, have mercy on me and on my people, they do not know what they are doing.

The problem with Lifesite is that I somehow end up defending the indefensible because of the way they often write their articles.

They don’t print any proof, or cite any credible sources in this article regarding Churches being put on a list and losing their status because someone feels they were discriminated against. Not that pro-life Quebec isn’t credible as a group, but their “opinion” is not a source. It’s like hearsay in a court of law.

The sources they do link to show the government will not allow homophobic activity. Our own Church doesn’t support homophobic activity, so I don’t know why that is so scary.

Regarding poorly written articles:

You can’t hunt a bear if you have poor ammo.
You can’t win a court case with witnesses who lack credibility.
You can’t win an argument - even if you are right - by arguing badly.
And you can’t be a credible journalist without decent sources.

And while the underlying facts MAY BE TRUE they aren’t presented in a way that convinces, because of the gaps in the article.

I am totally pro-life, pro-family etc., but I think this article is garbage.

There may be some truth in it some where, but the Catholic Church in Quebec is not about to lose it’s charitable status if it refuses to perform gay weddings.

I have a brother who is a deacon in Quebec who performs weddings, so I know the background to this story.

We are in a war and we need the BEST ammo we can find in order to maintain a credible attack on the culture of death.

Weekly Church Attendance Rates:
United States: 43%
Canada (outside Quebec): 32%
Quebec: 20%

It’s disturbing just how well the social state of a society correlates to this statistic…

Sorry I can’t give proper credit but at leat I acknowledge I didn’t come up with this: “The gay activists will be satisfied by nothing less than the total capitulation of the culture to their agenda”. Triumphguy, your church should be more concerned about theophobia than homophobia. And tell me how is that even the role of a church to even bring up homophobia. The Church (and individual churches) should call homosexuals to repentance and to full communion to mother Church, period. If someone is mugged, brutalized, unjustly discriminated against, bullied, let the police and proper authorities handle the case. Churches won’t lose their tax exemption status in 6 months, but they might in a not so distant future.

Someone should call Michael Coren!

Catholic expression is stifled everywhere, anticlericalism is pretty aggressive. At least I have this place to connect with fellow Catholics.

Or not…
Gregory Paul and Phil Zuckerman quoted in

Citizens in these countries (with lower church attendance) are sheltered from many of life’s calamities and with that sense of safety develops, as night follows day, a growing indifference to organized religion.

The United States proves the rule. In the United States an educated middle class is religious.

Paul and Zuckerman believe this is because Americans are kept in a state of economic fear and insecurity. Lack of health insurance, poor job security, a growing gulf between rich and poor, a vanishing middle class, and excess consumer debt create an anxious environment that is hospitable to religion.

Canada is less religious because there is less social inequality and stronger social safety nets. In the United States, social conservatives who oppose health insurance and expansion of a social safety net are frequently militantly religious.

You’ve always got to be careful quoting statistics, because someone always comes up with another wrinkle.

That man is brilliant. ,skip to 25’50.

He was on JH?
How about Michael Voris?

I would want Michael Coren to expose that idiocy from Quebec since he along with Ezra Levant, Jacqui Delaney, Kris Sims and David Menzies can wreck it! :slight_smile:

Michael Voris doesn’t mince words, you always know where he stands on things. The other people, I’ve no idea who they are. I will soon, though.

Italy looks like a high heeled boot that’s about to kick Sicily, Louisiana looks like an L, Florida looks phallic. BTW, Quebec looks nothing like a wolf’s head.

I was wondering if Michael Voris is on JH. o:

I do hope that they wreck that idiocy from Quebec. :slight_smile:

Perhaps, but not surprising. It’s the inevitable outcome for a society that embraces socialism at the expense of personal and religious liberties. They got what they asked for.

Hmm, I guess you’re right, it looks nothing like the head of a wolf, my bad. Any thought about the topic of the thread by any chance…

Ok, i see why you would say that, I guess you’re right it looks nothing like the head of a wolf, my bad. You’re also free to share your thoughts on the topic of the thread.

How about discussing the topic of this thread… So your point really is that Quebec looks nothing like the head of a wolf? REally?

I think further explanation is needed here, since most Charities have charitible status under the Income Tax Act, which is regulated by Revenue Canada (which you may notice is a Federal Department, not a Quebec one).

Maybe they could try and strip charitable status in Quebec (which could be remedied by moving the charity out of Quebec. Odd coincidence - Development and Peace is headquartered in Montreal). There’s nothing Quebec could do to a charity based in Ontario or Alberta.

Also, it’s probably a bureaucratic nightmare if some charity had Federal status (under the Income Tax Act) but not in Quebec when it came to income tax time. Especially since Industry Canada says that Quebec’s registration regime is parallel to the federal regime and has the same requirements.

I’m Canadian.

Quebec doesn’t look like a wolf at all. I’ve always said it looks like a bear actually. I’ve no idea how you get wolf out of that (how abstract are you getting?).

I’m glad that you recognize that our “own Church doesn’t support homophobic activity”, but you miss the point that it’s the false accusations of homophobic activity that are of concern. Does that happen? My goodness, just look at how it happens it here on CAF!

As for the credibility of Life Site News, I have less of a problem with their credibility, than I do with some posters here on CAF that claim to be totally pro-life, pro-family, etc., when their posts indicate completely otherwise.

Thank you for saying this.

Also, the term homophobic is mostly political tool. I have not seen the Church use it.

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