Government integration advisor: ‘Catholic schools cannot oppose gay marriage’


During a parliamentary hearing, Dame Louise Casey criticised Catholic schools who oppose marriage redefinition

The UK Government’s top advisor on community integration has said it is “not OK” for Catholic schools to oppose gay marriage.

During a parliamentary oral evidence session on integration on Monday, Dame Louise Casey, the Government’s ‘integration tsar’, referred to the Trojan Horse case of 2014, when a number of individuals tried to introduce Islamic extremism into schools in Birmingham.


Does the UK not have religious freedom?

Are they going to tell Muslim schools the same thing?


Wouldn’t it be odd if both Christians and Muslims band together in this?


My sister worked at a school over in England recently and apparently they really push pluralism and tolerance in the schools to combat religious extremism and the formation of parallel societies. And if these are state supported schools instead of private ones, which they have over there, then that money does come with strings attached.


This particular tolerance seems somewhat intolerant, and non-pluralistic. Is there no room in pluralism for the view that “same-sex marriage” should be illegal?


Outside of conservative religious circles, that is generally considered an intolerant view, and you know what liberals say about tolerating intolerance.


It was the position of conservative religious fanatics Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton until about 12 seconds ago.


On the plus side eventually all the stuff will go away. It might take thousands of years but it’ll happen. I love being Catholic


A lot has changed in the last ten years.


The UK does not have a constitution like ours. Parliament is supreme in all things.


Not in my experience in the UK. And it goes for more or less anything that the modern progressive state favours, not just this issue.


Catholics and Muslims should band together on this!


I disagree, because Islam teaches the death penalty for homosexuality.

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If one reads the Old Testament, Leviticus 17 and 18, one will find the death penalty there as well. I am not suggesting that is what we should do today, and that was the practice (God’s law) in response to certain sexual sins. There are a few other items that were death penalty eligible as well.


We have the New Testament though, Islam doesn’t have a new testament.

I hope this has helped.

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But the New Testament doesn’t negate all Old Testament laws. It pretty much picks and chooses. There are countries in Africa where the law forbids homosexuality and uses Leviticus to cite reason for the death penalty. Many of the 600+ commandments in the Torah are still used by both Jews and Christians. Our Bible, both Old and New Testament - is Holy Scripture just as the Qur’an is Holy Scripture.

I don’t quite follow your logic about the Qur’an.


It’ll happen in less time than that. It’s the mentality—this is all born out of government entitlements and will be corrected one way or another.

Many of the people who support so-called gay “marriage” will yield their support once it becomes inconvenient.



=jediliz;14396033]Does the UK not have religious freedom?

Not really by American standards. Historically and even today many European nations (especially southern and eastern Europe) have some eye-popping restrictions on religion. They also are much quicker to move on these issues than Americans are to be sure.

A big issue is that many religious schools get government funding, so now the government thinks it can tell the schools what to do. Kind of like what Barack Obama did with Title IX funds and college campuses in the USA.

Are they going to tell Muslim schools the same th

Not if the Muslims push back. If they do, it will freak out a lot of politicians. I’ve been encouraging Muslims to speak out on these issues because it is the place they live in now and like everyone else should be responsible members of society. Many of them want this as well, but like some Christians in the West, they are sometimes concerned about the blow-back in more elite circles.

But I think they need to be involved if not leading the charge on this.


If they want to end parallel societies they cannot be allowing one set of laws for another group, no matter how much some people whine and cry about it. We can also can’t push tolerance and then be ashamed of ourselves and expect them to adopt our culture and ideas.

Pushing tolerance in school won’t be the only solution—there needs to be real integration and a better immigration policy frankly. The immigrants and refugees arriving today are actually much more likely to be radical than when it started 50 years ago.

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