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I have really mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I understand the motivation for making this kind of decision. On the other hand, it seems so wrong. I pray that we are never in situation that might call for this kind of rationing.

I just finished reading a similar article on MSNBC.

Boy - it is unfathomable.

In a very real way - this ‘sorting’ happens everyday in every hospital and medical office.

The codification of how triage (sorting) is done was first formally organized in the trenches of WW I. It certainly does seem grisly. However, the motivation is to apply limited resources to those who have a chance of survival rather than to deploy them on people who would likely not survive even with treatment.

It is certainly better to delineate the terms of triage before you find yourself in the crisis of decision making. It gives you a rational tool for making equitable decisions when your judgment is likey to be least reliable.

In any disaster with mass casualties, it’s the way you do it. The rationale is to save as many people and alleviate as much suffering as possible with limited resources.

Cold, but in the long run, the most compassionate thing you can do.

I’m not particularly worried about what would happen during a pandemic. If it’s my time to go to my judgement, it’s my time to go. I *am *worried that once we have a nationalized healthcare system, the leftist elites will apply these “compassionate” principals much more… liberally.

I was thinking the the same thing…and came to the conclusion that they pretty much already have. :frowning:

We have a national health care system now; in fact, you are paying more in taxes for the system than the citizens of any other country.

The only difference is, you don’t get anything for it. If we implemented the Canadian system tomorrow, your health care bills would drop drastically.

“But my employer pays.”

Think again. Unless your employer is an idiot, he pays you less, because of the cost of insurance.

Oh, and you could still have insurance and private pay. But hardly anyone bothers. Canadians are generally healthier than Americans, have a lower infant death rate, and so on.

So why don’t I advocate such a system here? Because I have absolutely no confidence in American politicians to do it. Until people get screaming angry about being cheated, and politicians get frightened enough to do something, it’s going to go on.

BTW, my wife makes a pretty good living at unraveling the confusion and complexity of insurance, government plans, and private pay. If that was fixed, her job and many others would be gone, along with the cost that is tacked onto your medical payments.

She admits that it would be good for the country, if not good for us. But I have no fears that anyone will do anything about it, in the foreseeable future.

I think it is downright scary. And it seems so many experts feel that there is a very high chance that this will come to pass.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the why of it. And it is the best thing to do in such a scenario. It just greatly saddens me that this is the best way.

You don’t advocate a Canadian-style system because politicians aren’t going to implement one anytime soon?

I believe the danger of all of this that these same principles could and will be applied to everyday life. Let’s say I’m old, which I am, or mentally challenged in some way. The powers that be will come along and decide that I would be better off dead, than in my present state. Isn’t this called euthanasia? Why shouldn’t I have just as much right to live as anybody else? The goings on in this country scares me more all the time. Not so much for me, but what will be facing our kids and grandkids. This is just an example of people wanting to play God.

dont’ need a govt task force to answer the question who will die in disproportionate numbers if there is a flu pandemic–the chronically ill, the elderly, those mentally impaired who cannot take care of themselves, and the poor. who has a better chance of receiving and taking advantage of resources for care and treatment available: the wealthy and those who can get to those resources the fastest. that is history.

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