Government Takes Boy From Parents Who Refuse to Give Him Sweets

Social workers took a 2-year-old U.K. boy into care after his mother refused to give him junk food.

Zak Hessey was 17 pounds, 6 ounces when his mother Lisa took him to hospital, telling doctors he was a “fussy eater” and not gaining weight.

Doctors said he should weigh 19 pounds, 8 ounces, and advised the mother of five to bulk him up on chips, chocolate and cakes.

When she said no, social workers were called in and her son was put into foster care to assess if his eating improved.,2933,579297,00.html

This is good. Rather than finding out what’s wrong with the kid, they order the parents to feed him garbage, and when the parents refuse, the government accuses them of neglect and abduct the child.

Why doesn’t the UK just establish a Lebensborn system and be done with it?

This really hits too close to home for me. My DD has always been very tiny. She probably didn’t weigh much more than this kid when she was 2 and she’s always been a slllooooowwww weight gainer. My neice is the same way. She’s only a year and a half and she looks like a tiny baby doll. The doc is not concerned because he knows both girls take after their grandma (who is his patient) who is tiny as well. Neither one of these girls are/were neglected or unhealthy. They are just small.

I really suspect this case is the result of an inexperienced doctor. My dd’s first pediatrician wanted to run all kinds of tests on her because she was so tiny (probably to cover her bum). She was a young, new doctor. She also wanted dd to drink pediasure supplements. Then I switched to DH’s family doctor (older, more experience) and he has never had any concerns about her size.

:eek: What a nightmare for that family! I can’t even imagine.

My 11 month old is already over 26 pounds, though, so I guess we’re in the clear. :wink:

I can’t imagine my doctor ever taking such an action, though. It’s good to have a doctor you can trust!

We were faced with this with our son. He started the KETO diet when he was 5 years old for his seizures. Essentially it’s like being on Atkins only every portion is weighed and there is no cheating (he went over 4 years without even eating a slice of bread or a cookie). His principal demanded that we release his medical records to her school or she was going to turn us over to SRS. She got his medical records - along with a not so nice letters from our lawyer and his doctor warning her she and the school would be held responsible if anyone interfered with his treatment.

I’m 73 lbs. :smiley:

I know the KETO diet. Mayo Clinic in Minnesota uses it a lot.

:eek::mad: I am just completely speechless and appalled!

My daughter when she was about two or three was also a very fussy eater and was tiny. The doctor told me she is fine whatever she is eating is giving her whatever vitamins she needs, don’t worry. Today she is married with two children still small, but eats like a horse.Very sad that the Doctor in this instant obviously did not know what he was doing!

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