Governor Christie (N.J.) Withdraws Same-Sex Marriage Challenge


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Monday withdrew his challenge to legalized same-sex marriage in the state, after a court determined that the appeal is not likely to prevail.

The decision by Christie came as, in response to the court move, the state on Monday began to recognize same-sex marriages. Christie’s administration formally withdrew the appeal in a letter to the state Supreme Court.

“Although the Governor strongly disagrees with the Court substituting its judgment for the constitutional process of the elected branches or a vote of the people, the Court has now spoken clearly as to their view of the New Jersey Constitution and, therefore, same-sex marriage is the law,” the governor’s office said in a statement. "The Governor will do his constitutional duty and ensure his Administration enforces the law as dictated by the New Jersey Supreme Court

N.J. Governor Christie, the self-professed “healthiest fat guy” who is portrayed as some sort of Republican Conservative fighter by News Media caves in without a supreme fight against the Liberal judges and Justices of his state.

Big man; big coward in my opinion.

It is worth noting is that all these Civil Union laws and state constitutional amendment proposals passed by voters simply take the sodomite marriage issue from the state legislatures, which, for the most part, would completely avoid the issue, and makes the issue ripe for legal challenges from sodomite marriage activists before the law courts, which are heavily skewed against laws enforcing public morality and the popular will.


#equality :thumbsup:


Barbarous license. (Thumbs Down)


Oh, I always thought he was in support of it…



License to sin is a good thing? Wow.


Why is it ‘equality’ if those of the same gender can marry when even if two people of the same gender could marry in every state in America, polygamous marriage will still be illegal, incestuous marriage will still be illegal, marriage to inanimate objects will still be illegal, there will still be prohibition as to who can marry based on age in many states. Common law marriages are recognised in some states and not in other states. Unless it is is legal for everybody to marry who they want and that status legally recognised in every state there is not equality legally. Everybody should not be allowed to marry whoever they want.


Not sure how he hopes to win the GOP nomination. Perhaps he’ll be challenging Hillary for the Democrat nomination, or run as an independent. The GOP has not had much luck with moderates in past history - in spite of what our liberal posters tell us. Ford, Bush in '92, Dole, McCain, Romney.



#heterodoxy :bigyikes:




Bush only lost because of Perot.

Ford—I think people still saw him as a Nixon man.

But too many people fall for the line that conservatives can’t win.

Just wait until ObamaCare and hyperinflation hit minority small businesses and Midwest farmers.

Think they’ll vote overwhelmingly for Clinton, Biden or Warren then? Or give them the same free passes that Obama got?

I think not.

In the last election Santorum may have carried PA, OH and FL.


It seems Gov. Christie is positioning himself for a Presidential run in 2016. He apparently wants it both ways: his withdrawal of the appeal would play to the broad centrist mainstream, while his initial protest may serve to appease the conservative GOP base to a certain extent. He will still be hard pressed to get the nomination. If he does, however, I believe he has a more than decent opportunity to win the general election.


It’s worth mentioning that the NJ Supreme decided to deny the stay in a 7-0 decision, the appeal didn’t really stand much of a chance.


Now that it’s legal, the chances of it being challenged, and well…actually defeated are beyond microscopic. Trying to challenge what now exists in civil law would be a really bad idea


So you believe the Church is in error about the sinfulness of Homosexual behavior and its opposition to so called"same sex marriage" If they are wrong about this how do you trust them to be be right about the divinity of Christ? The Resurrection?

When you make a decision on a moral issue where do you turn for guidance? Your faith or Your politics?


“read my lips - no new taxes.” He broke his promise - a lot of conservatives ran to Perot because of that.

Probably. And his bizarre debate performance. I believe Reagan would have won had he gotten the nomination.


Let’s hope so.

Hmm. Were you a Santorum supporter? I don’t think he was a very good candidate or debater. I like him, but he wasn’t able to appeal to a wide enough majority. Plus, his main issues are social. In 2012, the main issues were economic.


^ this. He didn’t withdraw it because he didn’t care. He withdrew it because he didn’t want to waste taxpayer money on what clearly was already a lost position. He’s very financially conservative, which is why New Jersey loves him.

He still is very pro-life and very against SS’M’.


What exactly is a “progressive Catholic”?


Why do you make two different references to his weight? So he struggles with his weight, lots of Americans do. What on earth does this have to do with his politics?


An apostate Catholic.


AKA: “Here’s your bus ticket. You get free drinks, free food, and whatever entertainment you want. The destination? Who cares, as long as the ride is nice, right?” :frowning:

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