Governor Inslee sinks to new level of petty by refusing to sign certificates for marksmanship champs

Why did he wait until now? If he signed them last year but regretted doing it, he could have appointed some notable marksman or the highest law enforcement person in the state to sign them.

And then he could go on as big an-anti NRA rant as he thought would get him some votes. But he wouldn’t have dissed the participants.

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If you read the article, state and local police are the primary participants.

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Primarily police does not mean most police participate. It means most who participate are police. Big difference. The claim was made that we should support this program because it makes us safer. A contest that only 0.3% of the nation’s police (I don’t know the actual figure) participate in, and which covers only marksmanship and not, say, confrontation de-escalation, is not that worthwhile in my opinion.

I can only speak for us, but here in the great state of MD, we prefer our cops to be wild and inaccurate with their shots.


No, of course he didn’t say the NYPD were racist killers. That was hyperbole. But the mayor did go on about how the NYPD targeted people of certain skin tones and how he was afraid for his own son, etc. This was in reference to the Gardner killing. When 2 NYPD officers were murdered not long after as an anti-police killing spurred on by the language surrounding the issue, the NYPD turned their backs on him.

You seem to have a particularly dim view of civilians who shoot guns and participate in competitions. Maybe they just…enjoy marksmanship competitions.

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