Govmn't ownz u!

If you want to take part in the “Cash for Clunkers” program, you might be interested in how much your “clunker” is worth. To do that, you might want to log onto the government web site that tells you how much your clunker is worth.

***DO NOT DO THIS! ***

When you log into the web site, you are presented with a “terms of use” screen. If you’re like me, you usually just do a cursory reading to make sure I’m not selling my children into slavery and then click through. YOU NEED TO READ THIS “TERMS OF USE” SCREEN!

In the terms of use are provisions that state that when you use this site, you agree that your computer is now part of a government computer network, and as such, the government now has complete ownership over both the computer and all files on your computer, including the right to copy, delete, or make available to other parties, both foreign and domestic.

To see if this was really true, I just logged into the website and ran the application that you’re referring to. I saw no shady privacy policy, no notice, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

I watched the video, but the screen in the video was blurry and they didn’t provide any of the necessary information (URL, names of buttons to click, etc) to replicate what they saw. As far as I can tell, it’s a hoax.

Can you please send a link to the page where the thing that you’re trying to notify us about appears? Until I see the evidence, I’ll assume that you guys are trying to play some kind of elaborate joke on us or something…

So, can you please provide a link to the URL of the “terms of use” screen that you referred to in your second paragraph?

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