Gowdy: Mueller ‘Clearly Didn’t Write the Report’

I have never questioned that Trump lawfully won the election. He was elected the same way every President has been elected, by getting the most electors to vote for him.

Trump has been an asset to the well being of this Country thus far. You’re thinking he will cause further damage is based on what? Just wishful thinking ?

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Atlantic City, among all his other failures.

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:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:ten characters

niceatheist musing about impeaching the President of the United States.

I asked . . .

Impeachment for what? The left disliking him?

niceatheist . . . .

impeachment is whatever the House decides it is. . . .
I suppose the House could decide to impeach the President for dangerous use of hair coloration products.

This about sums up why President Trump should NOT be impeached. (No concrete reason to do so.)


nicatheist . . . .

niceatheist . . . .

It will be up to the voters to decide in 2020. Which, to my mind, is as it should be.

(Bold mine.)

Cathoholic . . .

Well I am glad you must think that about the 2016 presidential election too.

You. . . Do think that right niceatheist?

nicatheist . . . .

I have never questioned that Trump lawfully won the election.

Yes but I did not ask that.
I just asked if we agree that Donald Trump as President is . . . .

. . . the way it should be.

And I’ll have to conclude you think this way too (just like I do).

He’s the man the electors chose as President. He’s eligible for the office. Unless you’re asking me a question about his presidency itself.

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Fair enough.

Trey on the media playing up the lack of “exoneration” invention . . .

Mark Dice has a good clip of that with Representatives Turner and Radcliffe at the actual hearing too (from bitchute) . . . .

(See at about 5:15 into the Dice video)

Or from youtube . . . .

Bring Mueller back.

Now that they know Mueller is confused about his own investigation,
Congressional questioners should now be going on the offensive harder.

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“This was the Weissmann investigation” - Joe diGenova

Ivanho Gorsky wrote it.

How has Trump been an asset to the well-being of the country? The country is more divided now than it has ever been in recent history. Policy-wise, what has Trump done to bring back manufacturing jobs; what has he done for farmers; how has he benefited small business; has he made the world safer with respect to Iran, North Korea, and nuclear arms treaties; what has he done to combat climate change; how has he effectively handled the immigration problem; what has he done to enhance health care; what trust has he engendered in our allies; has he gotten us out of Afghanistan; what has he done for the working poor? On a personal level, the man’s braggadocio is astonishing and he is offensive and boorish. Is this what you mean by being an asset to the well being of our country?


Which reminds me, if Fusion GPS, etc. wasn’t in his purview, how was Manafort’s dealings from well before the campaign? :face_with_monocle:

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You must be living n a alternate universe.Enough said,I’m stunned by your comments

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One thing led to another would be my guess.

Why do Republicans make a big deal about Fusion GPS anyway? They started that investigation themselves during the primaries and then Clinton paid for it later. I believe it was eventually turned over to Graham and McCain.

But looking into Fusion GPS and it’s ties to the Russians and the Clinton campaign, plus its document as the singular foundation of the entire investigation was outside his purview.
Clearly, one thing did not lead to another.

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See editted post.

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If the concern is Russian meddling in our republic’s election process, why wouldn’t everyone be concerned about it? Isn’t that what the investigation was supposed to be about?

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The Atlantic City Casino is what you are referring to? So what if he got out of the casino business! We don’t need all this gambling addiction - seniors and low income patrons. The Lottery tickets across the country included. There is no accounting for all this money on top of it.
President Trump, as the businessman, did the smart thing - gambling sucks up the money so the customers are dried up.

Read the mandate before Barr changed the rules about indicting a sitting President.

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