Grace After Meals


I wanted to know more about saying grace after meals. I had never heard of doing this until my sister mentioned that her boyfriend (who is Catholic) says grace before and after, and she wanted to learn the prayer so she could say it with him. I’m a recent convert and the only one in my immediate family who is Catholic so she asked me to find it for her. I looked in my Bible and sure enough…there was a prayer for after meals. My grandparents are Catholic, and my husband and his family are Catholic and they don’t do this. Only the grace before meals. I started to read in the catechism to see if there were rules that said you had to say grace before and after, but I didn’t find anything.

Is this a tradition that most Catholics participate in? Was there a time when this was normal and the practice has just fallen to the wayside?

I appreciate your insight.

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My wife and I are converts too. I would highly recommend The Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers book. It is a great one to have, and it contains all sorts of traditional prayers. I can’t say that we say a prayer after meals, although we probably should. :o


I have always said Grace after meals. It is not required, just a way to be closer and more thankful for what we have received.


Grace after meals was very common when I was a child (Catholic schools in the 60’s and early 70’s). I have heard it less and less in my adult years, even in situations where a blessing before meals is usually prayed. I’m not sure why.


Thanks for the link! I went ahead and got it so it should arrive tomorrow. Can’t wait! :thankyou:


Please do tell us about the contents! :slight_smile: And feel free to share and prayers that particularly interest you.


I have a copy of it - it really is a lovely book to have in your collection. Everyone in my RCIA class (1994) received a copy of this and a Bible.



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