Grace before eating

Just watched an episode of The Big Valley on Hulu.
In one scene, the mother admonished her boys for starting to eat before grace, then the mother said payers.

I recall seeing muslims praying, but I can’t recall any recent shows that have families saying grace before their meals. Am I just watching the wrong shows?

No, it is unusual to see. Partly this is due to the fact that in TV dialogue is typically used to entertain, reveal insights, or advance the plot. Dialogue that does not meet these criteria is frequently cut to keep the pacing of the show fast )and to allow time for commercials). Typically, TV shows only show characters saying grace when an episode focuses on family/group dynamics over a meal, and only if having the characters say grace meets the above criteria.

Movies are a different matter because in this media there is often a stronger emphasis on portraying life accurately, and so sometimes this includes showing people say grace. Again, it is more common to show this practice in movies which focus on the dynamics of a family/group eating a meal together.

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