Grace, Forgiveness, and Authority of the Church


I recently questioned a few things to a user on YouTube (who i saw on here in a recent post was refuting the believe in all of these things) And I replied with a few questions (I will supply a link if anyone wants to know the actual questions.)

But I was recently replied (2 or 3 weeks later) with 2 videos (13 minutes total) explaining how what i was taught and what i have learned and udnerstood was totally wrong because humans taught me and I didnt learn ALL my self.

To me, i find him very stumbling and very confused on how to answer this correctly.

[quote=YoutTubeMan](Part 1 - )
(Part 2- )

If anyone could lend a hand I would definitely appreciate it much. I do not understand him because its hard to read waht hes trying to get across.



Watching it now. He’s full of baloney. He wants you to fall into Sola Scriptura and also to embrace a dispensational belief system. He’s wrong.

“Sins that were in remission”…that’s weak in the extreme. He’s forcing his interpretation onto the passages in question.

His interp of Acts 3:19 is faulty.

Israel will walk in a sinless state by a supernatural indwelling of the Holy Spirit. (according to him)

He’s making things up to make it appear that there is a difference between the gospel to the Jews and the gospel that we have.

He’s going to take up with Ephesians 1:10, but if you read the passage you’ll see that he’s going to try to apply that just to Israel when in fact it is plainly addressed to Christians.


Thanks for your reply, buddy.

I really did get the essence he might be bullpooping for lack of better terms here and there, it just was all confusing, and this shouldnt be this confusing to someone of my knowledge, atleast i hope not.

IF you notice he flat out tells me i am wrong and that i shouldnt listen to anyone, it was just absolutely crude and just i feel embarrased for him. He babbled a lot.


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