Grace in place of grace


In The Gospel According to John, Chapter 1 Verse 16-17 state:

From his fullness we have all received, grace in place of grace,   

because while the law was given through Moses, grace and truth
came through Jesus Christ.

Please explain Grace in place of grace.


The footnote in the NAB says:

Grace in place of grace: replacement of the Old Covenant with the New (cf. Jn 1:17). Other possible translations are “grace upon grace” (accumulation) and “grace for grace” (correspondence).


From the Haydock Bible footnotes on that passage:Ver. 16. And of his fulness we all have received; not only Jews, but also all nations. — And grace for grace.[5] It may perhaps be translated grace upon grace, as Mr. Blackwall observes, and brings a parallel example in Greek out of Theognis, p. 164. It implies abundance of graces, and greater graces under the new law of Christ than in the time of the law of Moses; which exposition is confirmed by the following verse. (Witham) — Before the coming of the Messias all men had the light of reason. The Greeks had their philosophy, the Jews the law and prophets. All this was a grace and favour bestowed by God, the author of all good. But since the word was made flesh, God has made a new distribution of graces. He has given the light of faith, and caused the gospel of salvation to be announced to all men; he has invited all nations to the faith and knowledge of the truth. Thus he has given us one grace for another; but the second is infinitely greater, more excellent, and more abundant than the first. The following verse seems to insinuate, that the evangelist means the law by the first grace, and the gospel by the second. Compare likewise Romans i. 17. The Jews were conducted by faith to faith; by faith in God and the law of Moses, to the faith of the gospel, announced by Christ. (Calmet)


Look at the preceding sentence. His Fullness (Christ’s) We received. Followed by Grace in place of Grace. So keeping the above in mind it is saying we are receiving His Grace (The Holy Spirit ie the fullness) in place of our own.
The following affirms this. The old Covenant (our own grace/works), replaced with Jesus Christ. Grace and Truth replacing our own.


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