Grace Vanderwaal

I don’t usually follow any reality shows, but an internet search brought up a most precious treat. It was from America’s Got Talent. For some reason this Grace Vanderwaal really amazed me. She’s so humble and sweet. She’s only twelve and writes her own songs and sings them while playing her ukulele. She won the show’s finale and they think she’s going to be a professional. She already has a record out. It’s really special to watch her if you have some time watch some of her songs for the show on you tube. I just hope she doesn’t get ruined by fame like so many of her predecessors (Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, you get my drift. :()

America’s got talent is having a Christmas special Convert, and I think she is going to be on it!

I agree, so sweet!

I can’t believe we are the only ones? :confused:

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