Grace is for the prophets and saints alone, imo.

This poster has been spreading a lot of lies on this forum. Anyone reading should take her identification as a “Catholic” with a grain of salt. I know she’s denied the reality of Original Sin in the past.

Grace and Truth was brought by Christ for all. Sillypants!:stuck_out_tongue:

“imo” means in my opinion, which means it is my opinion, and not fact.

I think that grace is for only the elect (the “elect” being a legitimate Catholic/Christian teaching -, because by definition it means the gift of favoritism. Now, Paul tells us that God does not choose favorites, however can one truly deny that Noah, Moses, the Prophets, and the Apostles were not exceptional? To me, that is grace.

I am interested in a discussion, I am not preaching/teaching.

Maybe I should have not used the abbreviation for “in my opinion” in the OP, for matters such as this.

I removed “Catholic” as my religion in my profile.

But truly, Jesus was considered an evil Jew as well. You are only likening me to him even more.

whoa dudet. we aren’t attacking you. explain further.

I am not spreading lies. I know that I can be influential, I believe that is a talent that God has given me, and I am careful to be sensitive these days, because I admit, there was a time when I was determined to spread beliefs as facts, but I know in my heart that I am not like that anymore, and that I truly do not know anything - I only have hunches and sources that are, for the most part, unreliable.

Yes I challenge the Church, but I feel that I do it delicately.

If not, I am open to be challenged myself, but I am not evil, and I do not deserve to have people give public forum warnings about me.

:eek: Praying for you.

Source = New Advent’s article on Sanctifying Grace (emphasis mine)

Looks like New Advent suggests that Grace is for all. :shrug:

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