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as a non catholic but someone who is about to start rica and i am a baptized christian i attend mass weekly on sundays or saturday night and also durring the week when possible am i recieving graces from this ? also on july 31 i am the mass intention , in other words mass is being offered for me , will i recive graces from this in addtion to attending the mass, or as a non catholic will i recieve no grace at all ?
Thanks , just a little confused here


I will let more informed people respond to the specifics of your questions. However, I would like to say welcome to you! :flowers:

On July 31st I will pray for your intentions. :slight_smile:


Yes, of course you will receive a measure of grace for going to mass.

However, please be careful about how you think about “graces”. They are not something which can or should be quantified, like “Catholics receive more grace from going to mass than non-Catholics do”.

The temptation to do so, IMHO, predisposes one to the notion of “cheap grace” i.e. going to mass, receiving the Eucharist i.e. getting a “full measure of grace”, then heading for the parking lot instead of celebrating the mass to the end. There are other examples of “cheap grace”, but it’s not an unusual notion for many Catholics, unfortunately.


Being deeply prayerful and humble in the presence of the Lord at Mass will certainly bring you graces!

The Lord will not deny anyone who says to Him " Lord, fill me with You."


Grace (“gratia”) is for all Christians. I hate to bring it up but does “Amazing Grace” ring a bell?


[quote="ProVobis, post:5, topic:289935"]
Grace ("gratia") is for all Christians. I hate to bring it up but does "Amazing Grace" ring a bell?


Hey! It does ring a bell, I know that song!


There are different types of grace-actual grace and sanctifying grace. In order to increase in sanctifying grace, one must already be in the state of grace. Actual grace can be received in the state of mortal sin. Depending which boat you fall into depends in which graces you receive. The most grace that is received during Mass is from the worthy reception of communion. Because you’re not Catholic, you won’t be able to receive the highest amount of graces. Some people have more grace than others. This is where good works, done in the state of grace, for the right motives, with the intention of offering it up for an increase in sanctifying grace comes from. In Heaven there is a hierarchy of Grace for where people are placed depending on how much grace they have. One run to win the prize! (Don’t expect them to teach you this in RCIA. In 13 years of Catholic education, I never learned it.)


Of course you receive grace! God is not outdone in generosity and His gifts are freely and abundantly given to anyone who wishes to receive them. It is a grace that you desire to learn more about the Catholic faith. It is a grace if you complete RCIA to the end and enter the Church. It is a grace to be called into the fold. Everyone that attends Mass with the right intention (i.e. to worship God, to love God, to want to get to know God more, to desire to hear the Word of God, etc) receives grace. The Holy Spirit moves where He wills, so have joyful faith! :gopray: :)


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