Graces of Confession


Has anyone ever had a life changing experience in the confessional? Where you went in and came back out, never committing the sin you confessed (masturbation, porn, etc.)? I’m going to confession tonight and am really excited. Please share!


As far as I know the temptation to sin again will be there. At least it always has for me. That being said, when I had returned to confession after being away for many years, I did undergo a substantial change. There was a literal warmth in my heart that followed me for some time, and I was unshakably happy.


I love the healing of the Sacrament of Confession. Going regularly keeps me on the straight and narrow (do I want to confess THIS sin AGAIN already to my priest!!!..then why would I want to do it in front of God?)

I once had a priest say that he was going to make sacrifices for me, do penance for me! WOW!! That really hit home and reminded me of the sacrifice and pain Jesus went through for me. That one knocked me out almost more than anything.

Recently, I’ve had two amazing moments in Confession.

  1. I had just ‘randomly’ read the Bible (open and read) on a Monday. The facing page was a glossy that told me about why the Bible has 73 books, as opposed to 66…I was then asked for details of that less than an hour later by an acquaintance. So I thought I was meant to read the facing page. I went to Confession the following Wednesday, and the priest read Scripture to me, that exact Scripture that I had just read!! And I don’t read as much of the Bible as I should, so it’s pretty amazing that the very verses I’d just read, were read to me.
  2. I had prayed for help with something specific one afternoon. I ‘felt’ an answer on my heart. In Confession that very evening with that sin, the priest used the same phrase/wording that I received that afternoon. I got tears.

Another time, I went to Confession, and the priest, who didn’t know who I was,and behind the screen, actually gave me words of consolation for grief, not knowing I was in mourning for my uncle (I gave no indication), whose funeral service was going on at that moment across the country…and it was the day for St. Francis Xavier, a great Catholic missionary, who baptized thousands…and my uncle was a great Christian missionary, who baptized, maybe thousands…and both had been in Africa during their missions. God blessed me in so many ways that day.

So I would say I’ve had some profound experiences in Confession. GOD is so GOOD! Jesus Christ, I trust in you!


How is your relationship with Jesus ?

Our encounters with Jesus in the sacraments can only be assessed when we take into account that basic relationship with Jesus which is fundamental to all else .


I went to confession after a very long time. After that I felt a sudden inner happiness that I could not explain.


A rosary a day keeps the temptation away.


Chill out! It don’t happen that way. You need to be patient. It’s a process. Like me, you need to plan ‘more’ time in the confessional to snuff out the devil. Keep ‘speaking’ your sins to a holy priest that are upon your soul and Christ will eventually remove this stain from your heart. More confessions!!!


It is too easy to get into the way of thinking that it’s ok if I commit that sin again because I can always confess it in the confessional again .

An integral part of the sacrament is a firm purpose of amendment , and it has to be a firm purpose of amendment . Without it , and with a habit of confessing the same sins over and over again , one has to question the sincerity of one’s relationship with Jesus .

The sacrament is not a slot-machine for obtaining cheap grace . To treat it as such is to insult Jesus .


Yes. Exactly.

You have to be willing to love Jesus more than you love yourself.



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