Graces of Marriage Sacrament


My husband and I were originally married by a Justice of the Peace. On our 7th wedding anniversary, we had our marriage blessed in the Catholic Church. My husband came into the church this Easter (2004) as a catachumen. He is now in full communion with the church.

Do we automatically receive the full graces of the marriage sacrament that come from both of us being catholic now, or do we need to, once again, have our marriage blessed by a priest? The reason I’m asking is because I was listening to Catholic Radio and this was part of a discussion that I heard that indicated that only when both parties entering into marriage are Catholic do they receive the “full” graces that come with this sacrament.


There is nothing more you need to do. When your marriage was blessed it became valid. When your husband was baptized your marriage became sacramental. Congratulations!

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