Graduating Saturday


I didn’t know where to put this, but this has certainly been a family affair! :wink:

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me. To those of you I spoke to privately, I did really really well on my exit exam yesterday. Out of a possible score of 1000, I scored a 973, and my conversion score was 89%. So I am so grateful to those of you who prayed for me. And I’m so grateful that God helped me stay focused and helped me to study hard.

Saturday I’ll have a BSN in Nursing!!! I still can’t believe it!!! It’s been a long haul due to sickness, and family sickness, and family situations that kept interrupting me, but I finally did it :slight_smile: Thank God!!! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Have you found a job yet?


Not yet. I’m taking the boards soon, and I want to concentrate on that first. I’ve applied for a job in the critical care unit and pulmonary unit at my favorite hospital. I’ve talked a bit the nursing director of those departments and she was really receptive. But I can’t take that for granted. I’m praying I get it, but I’ll be applying everywhere now that I’m done with classes and the last of our projects.


Good jon Rence-let me toast a cyber-champage to you! :wink:


Well done, Rence! Congratulations.


Thank you Kib, Rascalking and choosetolove, you are all very sweet!


Well done! Isn't it a great feeling. :yeah_me:

Best of luck with the boards and here's to a wonderful future for you.


Congratulations!!! As a nurse of 30 years, I want to welcome you to the most rewarding (and sometimes most frustrating) profession in the world. You are very brave to start out in Critical Care (at our hospital you have to work about a year on the floors or intemediate units before going into CC). But CC is a great place to learn a lot and put into practice what you have learned–it’s very hands on and patient-focused. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did for so many years. I know you will do just fine on your boards. Don’t get anxious about them, you know the material already. Pray before taking them, that helps a lot. God bless you.


Really? I feel that CCU is a lot more structured and orderly than regular med-surge. But we shall see :slight_smile: Thank you for your advise, I’m taking the Kaplan course right now to prepare for the boards :slight_smile:

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