Graffiti found on St. James Cathedral, O'Dea High School

KING-5 (Seattle, Wash.)

Graffiti found on St. James Cathedral, O’Dea High School

SEATTLE – St. James Cathedral in downtown Seattle was tagged with graffiti overnight.
The red, spray-painted, stencil-graffiti was found on a number of buildings that are part of the St. James complex Friday morning, located at 9th Avenue and Marion Street on First Hill.

Seattle Police said more graffiti was found down the street at O’Dea High School as well.
Phrases spray-painted on the buildings included, “The Papal State is not the United States,” and “The Catholic church was not born in the U.S.A.”

One positive sign is that the comments to the article seem to be sympathetic, or at least coming down hard on the vandals.

I’m glad to see that the comments are positive, too. What is the point of that? Weird.

My poor Cathedral! I hope the stone work isn’t permanently defaced.

Cowards! Vandals are just cowards!

They are probably mad because we passed a law here that says that pharmacists cannot be forced to sell Plan B (which causes a fertilized embryo not to implant in the womb–thus causing an abortion) if it goes against their religious views.

What are they even trying to say?

All I could think of, was about Mormons saying Jesus visited America.

this sounds similiar to what happened when Kennedy was running, but slightly more mild.

Hope they catch the cowards. :frowning:

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