Graham drops out of 2016 presidential race



South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on Monday ended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, exiting the race after using his campaign to draw attention to national security issues.

He made the announcement in a video posted on his campaign website.

“Today I’m suspending my campaign for president,” he said.


There’s been discussion about how the GOP field needs to get narrowed down.

I think a lot of folks are holding out hope for Iowa.

I think it’s time for Santorum and Huckabee would also vacate.

All these candidates have done is draw votes from tangible candidates like Cruz and Carson.


thank goodness! now if Huckabee would drop out too that would help.

what do they do with the campaign money they have left over specifically for running for president? anyone know what the rules are?


Usually, they spend it foolishly. Of course, anyone who gave money to Lindsey Graham already spent his money foolishly.


Graham was still in it?


And then there were . . . how many? I can’t keep track :stuck_out_tongue:

13 left. Wikipedia is my friend.


He was in the debate last week.


The undercard debate, more specifically. Not everyone tuned in for that one…


Yeah the under card debate that was even less worth watching than the regular “debates”.

Frankly the first real debate any of these guys would be involved with would be their first real debate.






thanks for the link. sounds like they could use more reforms.



These guys need to drop out already. It won’t help anyone as they have virtually no votes, but they are taking up space.


If one goes to and types in a candidates name, say Lindsay Graham in this case, one gets a brief analysis of his points of view.


I agree! we need to move on and get serious about the final candidates who might be the next nominee.


Bye, Felicia? :shrug:


Um no.


Care to elaborate?


Good man, a bit hawkish. He is knowledgeable on the Middle East of which we talk fairly often, I’d like to ask him some questions. I’d like him to clarify what he thinks about the Kurd/Turk conflict, I have heard him speak on this, he has gone on “fact-finding” missions over there.


I got to listen to Medved today; Medved doesn’t believe Huck should drop out, sounds like he likes Huckabee even. I like Huck, I think he and Santorum are sound politicians but clearly, they aren’t catching on nor have any momentum.

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