Grand-daughters first Mass



Good Morning everybody,

I tried to post this last night but I somehow messed up.

Anyway… My ten year old grand-daughter is going to attend Mass with me tomorrow. As far as I know this will be her first time in any church. She asked me to take her church and of course I was thrilled. I went to her mother (my daughter) and she was O.K with it. In fact, she told me that if Summer wanted to continue going to Mas with me and if she decided that she wants to be baptised and study the Faith then she has no problem with that either.

I want her first Mass to be meaningful for her ( Divine Mercy Sunday:thumbsup: ) and I’m afaid that she will be confused and feel out of place.

She asked me what she has to do and I told her not to worry and just do what I do, I’m thinking of giving her a Divine Mercy Prayer Card and telling her that whenever she see’s me kneeling down to pray then she should also kneel and look at the picture and repeat
silently the words, Jesus I Trust In You…

What do you all think and have any of you have any ideas for me.

Thank you and bless you all.



Don’t foget to find the Order of the Mass in the Missalette or the Songbook, that way she can participate in the Mass, and know what is being said and how to reply

Order of the Mass



Wonderful. Thanks a lot I almost forgot. great idea



As a former 10 year old girl;) , I think you might need to be a little more specific. if possible, can you watch a Mass on tv with her before actually going? I know that if I were her, knowing exactly what was going to happen, and knowing how to respond, would do wonders for my self confidence. 10 year old girls are afraid of messing up and appearing stupid. Doing one thing wrong could make her not want to go back.

I think it’s wonderful that you are being asked to introduce her to the faith!!! Praise God!:gopray2: Just be sensitive to her need for reassurance and answer all of her questions honestly (even if that means you have to say ‘I don’t know, but I’ll find out’). Good luck and may God be with you both this Sunday!




Thank You Malia and I do feel blessed. I’ll be sure to give her the assurance and support she needs.

Since going to Mass is her idea I feel really blessed that our Savior has picked me to lead her in the journey, and I do want her to feel “cool” about it.

Thank you for your support.

Peace be with you,



Maybe it’s too late now, but there are nice little childrens missals you can get, with pictures of what is happening and standard prayers and responses. I actually might get one for myself so I can figure out the parts that people are mumbling :slight_smile: I know its all in the missalette in the pew, but I like pictures a bigger print :smiley: You might be able to find one at just her level at your local Catholic or Christian bookstore.

I’m so excited for you and your granddaughter :slight_smile: This could be the start of something beautiful!!


Well- how’d it go?



Well, not so good. I had a no show, seems like a favorite girlfriend had a sleep over and Summer just had to go.

She said she would go next week…we’ll see.

It’s out of my hands, I know the Holy Spirit has entered her soul and God will not abandon her, and I do “Trust In Jesus”

So I’ll keep on being Grampa and continue to pray for her and the rest of my family. Only now I’m going to ask Saint Monica to pray for her.

Thanks for the asking and prayers to all of you in the forum.



Maybe this was a blessing in disguise? Now you have an entire week to prepare and do what you can to ensure a positive experience:thumbsup:



My thought exactly…And I know it’s no help that your daughter didn’t teach her about making a commitment for one activity, only to blow it off for another. So, I’m sorry you were disappointed, but this will give you more prep time.

BTW- Do not be afraid to resort to breakfast or brunch after Mass as an incentive!:thumbsup:


I will be praying for you and your granddaughter on Tuesday, at the MASS of the Ark of the New Covenant which is being offered in our deanery…

unfortunately, I don’t have any good advice to offer…

how old is your granddaughter? I take it she’s of a young age group, but I could be mistaken?

in love and faith,


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