Grand Duke of Luxembourg in trouble over euthanasia

The constitutional monarch of Luxembourg is being stripped of some of his powers because, for reasons of his Catholic faith, he refuses to sign a bill, passed by Parliament, that authorizes some forms of euthanasia.

Seinfeld fan, eh?

Hipster Doofus

Seinfeld fan, eh?


Good for Grand Duke Henri. He isn’t losing anything by having his veto authority formally taken from him - apparently that authority hasn’t been used in 100 years, and the prime minister considers it unacceptable that he would dare to use it now.

Far, far better for Henri to keep his conscience than to keep a power which can’t be used.

I’m glad to see someone willing to sacrifice some of their political power rather than compromise their Catholic faith. If I were a citizen of Luxembourg, I’d be very proud of my monarch at this point in time and extremely upset with the prime minister.

We didn’t get this news where I live, of course.
I’m wondering if Bishops – even the Vatican – are supporting the Grand Duke. I wonder if the parish pastors are being told to support his decision. I hope so.

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