Grand Duke of Luxembourg Loses Power After Threatening Veto of Euthanasia Law

By Matthew Cullinan HoffmanLUXEMBOURG, December 4, 2008 ( - The Grand Duke of Luxembourg is set to lose his power to veto laws after he threatened to prevent the passage of a law permitting euthanasia in the tiny European country.As the head of state, Grand Duke Henri…

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Luxembourg, which is nestled between Germany, Belgium, and France and has a population of slightly less than half a million people, is the wealthiest nation per-capita in the world, and the vast majority call themselves Catholic. However, despite a large percentage of the population that continues to cherish family values, the nation’s democratically elected officials have largely rejected Catholic moral teaching in the last 30 years. Abortion, for example, has been legal since 1977.

Thank you, Grand Duke Henri, you are a true leader. Ah, country of my ancestors, so Catholic, and you held out longer than many of your neighbors … but that insidious “post-Christian” secularism is worse than untreated syphilis.



How is this news?

Well, its a constitutional crisis since the monarch has vetoed a popular law, and the veto power hasn’t been used in 100 years.

Or…Luxembourg is 87% Catholic, but 70% of Luxembourgers want the euthanasia law enacted.

An interesting tidbit in that article is that

In 1990, the Belgian government made King Baudouin a commoner for a few days when he refused to sign an abortion law. He was put back on the throne after the legislature enacted the bill unilaterally

Belgium is 75% Catholic.

May God preserve his servant Grand Duke Henri, descendant of Hugh Capet and defender of the Faith.

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