Grand jury will not file charges against police in shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice


A white police officer who shot and killed a black 12-year-old carrying a pellet gun in November 2014 will not be indicted, an Ohio prosecutor announced Monday.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty said a grand jury declined to charge a Cleveland police officer or his partner in the death of Tamir Rice. The grand jury had been meeting since




What do you know that the grand jury doesn’t?


Apparently you did not see or hear entire report.


The officers said they repeatedly yelled at Tamir to put his hands up, although investigators found no evidence of that.

Subodh Chandra, a Cleveland attorney who represents the Rice family in a federal civil rights lawsuit over the shooting, said he had braced himself for the news that the officers, both white, wouldn’t be indicted.

“This is apparently how long it takes to engineer denying justice to a family when the video of the incident clearly illustrates probable cause to charge the officer,” Chandra said.

Unlike criminal trials, in which prosecutors must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt for a conviction, the burden of proof for an indictment is much lower. The grand jury would have had to decide only that a crime might have been committed to indict the officers.

I repeat, scandalous. Yet another example of why police should not be trusted with guns.


Perfect! Then only the criminals will have them.

… wait…



I feel sorry for the Rice family for the lost of their child. However, the 12 year old was carrying a gun. I understand that the orange tip at the end of the barrel indicates that it’s a pellet gun. In this case, the safety tip was removed. He also pulled it out the gun from his waist band - apparently to show the officer (according to the video). However, the officers were responding to a 911 call that mentioned a person was waving a gun. The video shows that the boy was pointing the gun.

Unfortunately, these days it is foolish to allow your kids to play with toy guns without a parent supervision. A public area like a rec center was not the place to be carrying a gun - real or not.



Awesome post, and thank you for (I’m assuming) your service in our police or military force.




I feel sorry for the family of this child too. where was the parent supervision that allowed the boy to leave the house with this type of gun? I wish the situation could have been handled differently. I am sorry Tamir lost his life. I am not second guessing the police. they have their job to do.


Criminals and us you mean.:wink:

You’re right.

It was a tragedy that everyone can learn something from. The Rice family and the Officers involved need our prayers more than anything.


So far it look’s like a very small turnout of people protesting the verdict


I am really not surprised at this verdict. A policeman can only act on what he knows. In this case, a person was pointing a weapon at them and did not drop it. They did not know the nature of the weapon or the age of the person. I do not blame the parents wanting more though, both because of their grief and their own failure to teach their son better.

As far as what the NAACP thinks, I do not trust their objectivity. Any group with “advancement” in their name has an agenda, by definition.

One of the lessons here is we need to be careful in this age of toy guns, paintball, airsoft, etc., and make sure that children do not carry these toys around town, as well as let them know to drop them if they come across police. Finally, every child should know that point even a toy gun at a policeman, or* any *stranger is a deadly action.


Here’s the NAACP’s take on the decision.

“That this decision has taken a year is the first failing and it has been compounded by utter incompetence, racial bias and highly suspect actions of the prosecutor. This means that there is imbalance in the system that is supposed to treat all citizens with impartiality and make decisions in reliance on basic facts and probable cause. It also gives license to police officers to act as judge, jury and executioner. That this is a trend throughout the country means that our entire criminal justice system is suspect.

It also calls into question the actions of our County Prosecutor, which conceivably tainted the process and resulted in this gregarious decision, which is a violation, not only of the constitution but of the faith of victims that their rights be protected.

While it’s too early to predict what actions the NAACP will take in this matter, be assured that Mr. McGinty’s conduct will be the subject of an intense legal discussion. Furthermore, it’s time for our friends in both political parties to consider a justice litmus test for all candidates in the criminal justice system.”


Ohio allows citizens to carry weapons. The police shot Tamir Rice before they could determine a) if the weapon was real and b) if he was legally allowed to carry the weapon. Peter’s right, they didn’t have time to call out for him to put his hands up 3 times as they drove up in a police car and shot Rice less than 1.5 seconds after leaving the vehicle. It isn’t clear at all that Rice was reaching for the weapon from the video and I have significant doubts that Officer Loemann had the ability to determine that in 1.5 second even if he were a competent police officer and not one that had basically quit before being fired from another police department because his supervisor said no amount of training would overcome his deficiencies.

This is a miscarriage of justice in the sense that the prosecutor refuses to do his job and acted as a defense attorney for the policemen instead of fulfilling his civil responsibility.


In Ohio, either is legal to carry.


It is, however, illegal to point either one at a police officer. It is also very foolish and could be the last thing you ever do.


As usual, there are a lot of posters whose opinions seem based merely on what the drive by media reports, and their own feelings…

…yet these posters cannot and do not point to any particular evidence that the grand jury got wrong or failed to consider; and they have not read transcripts of grand jury testimony, let alone observed the witnesses and their credibility as the jurors did. This all falls into the category of “a panel of jurors has sifted reams of evidence for 3+ months but I know better than them based on my feelings and the few news reports I’ve seen.”

In fact, most Americans don’t even know how a grand jury works; how it receives evidence, etc. It’s even worse when non-Americans want to opine as to how the US court system works.

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