Grand Jury

Pray for me today please as I testify in front of the Grand Jury.

Father, grant me the strength to do that which is necessary. In Jesus Name I pray…AMEN

Heavenly Father, please hold your daughter pam up as she performs her duty this day. Comfort her and as she stands up before the court, and help her stay focused on You, the Truth, and Your light. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

Take deep, slow, deliberate breaths. Answer only the questions that are asked. And, if you feel uneasy, picture Jesus in your mind, and He will bring you peace.

I’m headed there right now China Dad… Thank you so much for your prayer and advice!! God Bless you for your help and prayers!!

My prayers for you. Only answer what is asked and give the plain truth with no unnecessary detail - make 'em ask if they need more. Make 'em earn their money!

Praying for you ! :gopray:




I will pray for you.

On top of all your business problems…you must be really stressful, God’s peace surround you!

Praying. God bless you and yours now and every day.


Thanks for the prayers everyone!! Everything went great!!

Thank you Father!!

    Amen! :signofcross:   :thumbsup:

Praying for you.

Giving thanks… Gratius

Blessed be God indeed :crossrc:

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