Grand Mufti: All Churches on the Arabian Peninsula Should be Destroyed.

Grand Mufti: All Churches on the Arabian Peninsula Should be Destroyed

Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti wants churches destroyed.

Hilariously, the Mufti seems to be pushing at an open door. There are no churches in Saudi Arabia.

There are no churches in Saudia Arabia, but there are some in the UAE, I am not sure about the other countries. There are quite a few Catholics in the region because the work in that region seems to be mostly done by foreigners. If I recall correctly there are quite a few Filipinos working in that region.

Back in 2004 I was in Qatar and was picked to be a Third Country National escort for when they came on base to work. I remember being told in the training that quite a bit of them were Filipinos.

Plenty of Indian catholics/Christians

This has been alluded to, but I am going to state it explicitly: There are (as far as we know) no churches in Saudi Arabia, but Saudi Arabia does not take up all of the Arabian Peninsula. There are churches in some of the other countries located on the Arabian Peninsula.

There are Catholic churches everywhere in the Gulf region except KSA. There is a massive Catholic church, Our Lady of the Rosary, in Doha. The church was constructed at a cost of around $20 million on land donated by the Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

I am heading to Doha soon. Can’t wait to see that church there.

You better be fast before they are destroyed. :stuck_out_tongue: The Grand Mufti is a big guy whose word carries weight around there.

Saudi Arabia once asked for Putin to allow mosques in Russia. He replied to them that he would allow them if Saudi Arabia allowed Russian Orthodox churches on their country. Of course they declined. :slight_smile:

There are many mosques in Europe and America that are Saudi’s sponsored, directly or indirectly. Why don’t these countries ask for reciprocal permission from the Saudis to build churches in Saudi Arabia or at least for the Christians living there to worship freely, for example like holding Eucharistic celebration or bringing the Bibles into the country. But wait, Western countries are not Christians and would not build churches if they get their ways about it.

But certainly, I wish we could do a Putin. Pity our Christian brethren there who are deprived of the freedom to practice their religion and bringing in their holy books.

So much for fighting for freedom of worship.

yep and some of them are actually very tolerant in some of these countries

I’m not exactly a huge fan of Putin but that’s actually kind of funny

Yes, they are. Saudi rules do not hold throughout the whole of the Arabian Peninsula.

The edict by the Grand Mufti is disturbing nonetheless. A lone wolf radical can just carried out his ‘instruction’ by taking the law into his own hand. Even if he/she unable to destroy the churches, damages such as loss of lives could very well happen.

The killing at the Westminster bridge could be a case in point for the ISIS leadership.

I agree.

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