Grand Theft Auto V


As the title suggests, it’s a topic about Grand Theft Auto V.

Just to eliminate some of the things I have read from other threads about this, I just want to outline where I am at regarding whether or not it would be okay for me to purchase the video game or not.

I have previously played all of the other GTA video games and none of them bothered me too much as I don’t do any ‘missions’ which often contain immoral content, I just use it for the free roam, driving and shooting, it’s great fun playing with my friends, like crashing planes, cars, helicopters, shooting etc.

My problem is that there are a few exceptions with GTA V that were not in other GTA games that is making me think twice about this one.

  1. The biggest problem for me, is that when your driving and trying to have fun, often randomly (pedestrians) and frequently, I will hear blasphemies which take only Our Lord Jesus Christ’ name in vain. The common swear words you’d sometimes hear when in free roam which were in other GTA games didn’t bother me much, but the Blasphemies toward Our Lord Jesus Christ, really bothers me. That is what most upsets me about this new GTA installment.

  2. The next biggest problem, is due to a lot of the immoral stuff which are in missions etc (which I won’t do anyway as I think they are a complete waste of time, I just use cheats and free roam and play online with my friends, shooting, driving etc) I feel uneasy about giving ‘Rockstar’ my money for their product and like I am endorsing or encouraging them with their immorality and especially their subtle and frequent blasphemies of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Anyway, after writing all of this, I think I found my answer which is not to buy it. I am just really annoyed at the fact that they put a tone of blasphemies of our Lord Jesus Christ into the game which cannot be avoided. I just wanted to have some fun with my friends on a free roam game with good graphics and mechanics like GTA V without having the game mock me and attack me every second. :frowning:

It’s otherwise a great game which would be great fun if only Rockstar were not a bunch of ***** , I will pray for them (no offense to those Rockstar employee’s who may not have wanted such vulgar material added or blasphemies of Christ).

Anyway, I did really want to play it with my friends. Oh well. :frowning:

I welcome any and all opinions.

God Bless

Thank you for reading

You are doing right in avoiding this game. I cannot advise you to be playing any Grand Theft Auto games. Please follow your heart and avoid these Grand Theft Auto games in the future. There are plenty of other action games that are far more appropriate and just as enjoyable. God bless you for doing what is right even though it’s hard.:slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thank you for your encouraging post. I will stay away from it.

God Bless You


I must admit that I chuckled when I first read this post. You play a game or similar games that simulates car theft, prostitution, reckless driving, armed robbery, murder and overall gratuitous violence, but what seemed to bother you the most, were the frequent blasphemies of our Lord Jesus Christ? GTA is a mature game that attempts to place an individual into a sandbox environment, an environment an individual may normally find in real life. That means you are going to see and hear things you might not always agree with, but like real life, you move past it and enjoy other aspects. I love all sorts of video games, but these other activities should also be a considering factor when deciding the game you wish to play. It was good for you to identify what made you feel uncomfortable, but it would best to avoid those other aspects as well.

God bless

I am glad you worked it out on your own. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

And there are many other ways to have fun as we love God and one another!

God bless you.

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