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I’d like to start a thread for all us Grandma’s and Grandpa’s out there to share a bit and brag alot;) about our Grandkids! Expectant Grandparents feel free to join in too. I have three grandchildren, a grandson nearly 5, a grandaughter 2 and a newborn grandson who is just 6 weeks and will be Baptized next Sunday (Nov. 6):love: Come on over and tell us about your grandkiddies!


I have two granddaughters. The oldest will soon turn five and the youngest is one November 9 . Their mother is such a good mother but even so I thought she spoiled her oldest because it took her so long to have her (ten years of trying) and she was an only for almost four. That however was dispelled when she wished upon the star. Evidently she gets three wishes per star :confused:

  1. I wish my car was fixed
  2. I wish my sister was bigger so I could play with her.
  3. I wish mommy and daddy wouldn’t spank me.

I didn’t know they did and it stilll surprises me. She really is a good girl if she isn’t near her daddy. Oh does he spoil her :thumbsup:


Six grands here. Five boys and the newest one a girl:dancing: . Two eight year olds, three six year olds and the soon to be two year old.

DD and my wonderful son-in-law have given us Anthony 8, Adam 6 and MacKenzie 23 months. DD is a stay at home mother. The kids are home schooled.

DS and wonderful daughter-in-law have given us Corey 8, Shane 6 and Jaron 6. DIL is a stay at home mother. The kids go to the local public school so far. Talking about home schooling.

All the boys are in scouts together. The same troop. Both sets of parents are great with the kids and active in the Church. We have been blessed with the spouses of our children and the fact that DS & wife live three miles from us. DD and husband live with us in one great big house in the country (we chose to do so six years ago and it works for us all.)


Grandma Texas is on board, we have 8 from ages 15 to 15 months, going to see youngest in NC next month, want to see him before he joins the army, he is growing so fast.


Grandpa geezer here with 9, ranging from 22 down to 4. Five live here in the Columbia, SC, area and four live in Minnesota. Don’t look for any great grands for at least a couple more years.


I’m a Grammie and would like to join. I have three grands, a five-year old boy, a three-year old girl, and a one-year old girl.

DH and I moved cross-country to be near the grands. We are their only grandparents and their parents are so grateful that we did this.

GS is being home-schooled kindergarten. We made a Halloween deocoration where I threaded a needle and he pulled it through pre-punched holes. Then he went home and told his Mom that he now knows how to sew. :wink:


Nanny here…Chloe’ 6 going on 40…Tiernan the Tornado, aka “Pinball” 2 1/2 and Tina Jo almost 7 months

                 ~ Kathy ~


Hi there! I’m a “Nana” of three 13, 9 and 12 months ( I babysit him since DIL has gone back to work) and I’m just lovin’ it to pieces!!:smiley: :love: I don’t remember liking my own kids as much as my grandchildren…anyone else feel that way?:ehh:


Oh, I feel that way;) It’s so much “easier” to like the grandchildren. We don’t get the door slamming, the “look”, (remember that look of your teenager-like you were the dumbest thing in the world and you don’t know how it is to be young:rolleyes:), toddler temper tamtrums and The famous “I don’t love you, you a meany”, Now they are giving that to our dear sons and daughter and I secrectly love it!!!:smiley:


I only have one…and here is nearly 10, on December 20th. :heart: My daughter and the grandson are living here until…until…:hmmm: i do not know. I love him to bits and feel so sad he has been hurt so terribly by what he thought was his father who walked out of my daughter and him. Long story.

He is so cute…he could be a girl! :eek:


I had a tough time with my Emily (age 2) when I dropped my daughter and the children off at their house after Mass yesterday. Emily cried “Abuelita, I go you house” My son in law (doen’t attend Mass) has other plans for the afternoon. I had to say “You have to stay with Mommy and Daddy and your brothers, you are going to get pumpkins” but she continued to wail, the only thing I could do was to kiss her goodbye told her I love her and walk away (crying my eyes out in the car) phew, sometimes it is tough. I called my daughter later and she assured me she stopped crying after a few minutes and I felt a little better.


Do you find that your children are sometimes a little “Jealous” at the attention given to the grandkids?

I know when mine were little, my parents came almost daily to see visit…they would walk right by me to see “their grandbaby”
:eek: …I remember feeling so slighted…:crying:


I do that myself, I walked past my daughter to the babies, and then I saw the look on her face and gave her a hug too. But her Grandma (my MIL) would do that to her son too. Pick up her little grandaughter, play with her and then about 45 minutes later say to my husband, who has been there the whole time “When did you come in?” He’d say “Mama, I been here all along” she reply “I didn’t notice”:ehh:


We have 18 grandkids and 2 step-grandsons. Ages 3 months to 27.
I buy birthday cards in January and put them in my “tick” file. I have 5 children, my hubby 5, (plus all the in and out laws) so the holidays are a major expense at our house. Our youngest baby boy was 11 lbs. at birth. He is 18 lbs now and 28 in. long. He rolls over, laughs and is showing a darling personality. I could go on about each child because they are all wonderful, beautiful and very intelligent. We are fortunate to see most of the grandkids often. 9 live within a few miles so we get to babysit from time to time.

Being grandparents is a wonderful career!!!

Love and peace

Mom of 5


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