Grandmother and Family. Her health, related stress, school


Please keep my grandmother, my mother, and myself in my prayers.

My grandmother has been in and out of the hospital (being readmitted yesterday) for a virus called CIDIF and heart problems. It seems that when she starts getting better all of a sudden she starts getting worse, and this is the worst it has been yet. Please pray for her, that if it would be the Lord’s will that He would heal her.

Also, pray for my mother who is undergoing lots of stress and anxiety as a result of this situation. She has a lot on her plate, please ask the Lord to comfort her, grant her peace, and give her strength to get through all of these ordeals that have been places before her.

Finally please pray for me. I’m also being stressed out by all of this. I have to start summer school in about two weeks and I need to discipline myself to do well so I can begin this year with a good start, but with all this going on it’s kind of hard. Also, I’ve continued to be weak against sins of the flesh and those of lust, please pray for me that I would be able to resist these temptations (currently I’m in a state of mortal sin, hopefully I’ll be able to get to Confession tomorrow).

God bless you all:) .


I will gladly add you and your family to my morning prayers


I’ll keep your family in my prayers.


Praying for you and your family.


Thanks all of you:) !


Praying for you. St. MIchael, protect her. Our Lady of Monte Cassino, save her grandmother, St. Gabriel help the mother. Amen




God bless grandmothers and mothers - they are so cherished in the family. Prayers for yours and your whole family at this difficult time.


I will pray for all your intentions.


I’ll pray for you and your family.:gopray:






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