Grandmother Arrested After Slapping Granddaughter for Cursing at Her

Theresa Collier, a 73-year-old grandmother was arrested last week for slapping her 18-year-old granddaughter who was swearing at her.

Collier says she allowed her 18-year-old granddaughter, Felicia Collier, who had just gotten kicked out of Catholic school and is now enrolled in online classes, to use her computer to do homework. Felicia was kicked out for cursing at a nun, explained Collier.

Felicia did not want to obey her grandmother’s direction to complete her assignments.

“She kept repeating the F-word to me, about the whole family. She just went on and on and I just got so upset, I got up and slapped her across the face,” she told 10 Connects

Good for Grandma!

The unruly teenager then called the police who arrived at the house and arrested her grandmother.

Felicia was in court on Wednesday for her grandmother. She signed a form to not prosecute her grandmother and to allow contact with her. However, it seems that Theresa and her husband do not want any contact with their grandchild. They are not speaking to Felicia.

Good for Grandma! Grandpa, too!

Back in the day, the judge used to tell kids like this, “You have one of two choices: you either get yourself squared away within 30 days, get back in school, and make restitution—or you can go in the Army. Period.”

  1. If you leave a mark on a minor, the courts can prosecute.

  2. The Army (and the Marines!) pleaded with judges to stop making the military an alternative to jail.


Lt. Loux says his department has a mandatory arrest policy when it comes to domestic violence calls, so someone had to go to jail.

Ah, yes, the law.

“You have to understand, I had nothing against Jews. Some of my best friends were Jews. But the law said they had to be arrested. What can you do? It was the law. You have to obey the law. The law is the law.”

Sure. Right.

[quote=Beau Ouiville]1. If you leave a mark on a minor, the courts can prosecute.

The kid isn’t a minor. She’s 18 years old.

[quote=Beau Ouiville]2. The Army (and the Marines!) pleaded with judges to stop making the military an alternative to jail.

I don’t see why. In my estimation, any kid who has the cojones to cuss at a nun and then punch a 73-year old woman has the makings of a damn good combat Marine.

“I heard all about you, Felicia, you’re pretty tough. Here’s your 16 with three extra mags, and there’s Fallujah. Take it. Report back to your company commander once the area is secure.”

And we wonder why our kids act the way the do.

Now I do not advocate beatings but I do think that sometimes a kid needs to get a good old fashion spanking. As this child clearly did.

Granddaughter is 18…doesn’t want to obey the school rules and obviously has no respect for grandparents.

Don’t let the door hit her on the way out.

Good luck to her.

An 18 year old is not a child anymore. She also has no business living under her families roof and getting any assistance. She has some growing up to do.

There’s a major difference between discipline and abuse that liberals are incapable of understanding.

There’s a major difference between discipline and abuse that liberals are incapable of understanding.

Yep, if any 18 yo child of mine would treat anyone that way, they would find a grocery bag with a clean pair of underwear and socks sitting on the front step with a note that wished them well in their life.

Amen to that-and I echo your first sentence!

I’d like to call the girl a ‘brat’-and I might get flamed for saying it! But she is! Who would ever think of hitting an elderly woman like that?

It’s really sad that the world has come down to producing people that curse at nuns and grandparents without regret. I pray this girl and others like her realize the error of their ways before it’s too late.

Good on Grandma for not putting up with it! And shame on any judge that would stick up for a brat like that!! I say find the girl a boot camp and say see ya later!

Yes. Violence begets violence and it is an acquired trait. You wonder why kids fight in the street and shoot each other? You wonder why there is so much domestic abuse? Think about how kids are raised.

Getting physical is not an appropriate response to anger or frustration.

Be a parent, not a flogger.

Wolseley, there is nothing to indicate in the article that the grandparents were the legal guardians of the 18 year old. The grandmother didn’t have the legal right to strike her grandchild.

What the grandmother did was to assume that a righteous slap would be tolerated by her grandchild, and the slap would help instill a sense of shame. And this might have worked if the 18 year old was a bit less snotty and impulsive. Or, perhaps, if the two of them were emotionally closer than they were. However, the grandmother apparently didn’t know her granddaughter well enough to predict the outcome (being hit back, and then being reported to the police.)

It would have been nice if the cops could have refused to arrest the grandmother, since apparently no one in the family wanted it to happen. I am not sure why the police department doesn’t allow that kind of discretion. I would guess it has to do with how police, in decades past, would often urge battered women not to press charges against their abusive husband or boyfriend. But that is just a guess, and clearly, that is not the sort of domestic abuse which occurred here.

Oh? The kid is 18, meaking her an adult. Let me tell you something: any adult that comes into my house and talks to me like that—related to me or not—and I’d do more than slap them. Probably take them by the seat of the pants and the scruff of the neck and pitch them headfirst out the front door, with a size 9 1/2 combat boot applied to the seat of their pants as a chaser.

And God have mercy of their souls if they turned around and decided to try coming back in.


You got that right! Like my Grandma would have said, “Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!”



I know your joking a little right?

The problem we were getting too many bad recruits I had some buddies that were DI’s I asked them what’s going on I’m soldiers that can barely read. They all told me if we kick too many recruits out we get a bad EER Enlisted Evaluation Report and can get relived off DI status there goes my career so we ship them out to permanent duty station and let you guys deal with them.

We would end up spending more time counseling, disciplining, and other problems with these knuckleheads it took time away from taking care and training of our good soldiers. Think of the thousands of dollars it costs to put one recruit through Basic and Advance training just to go to their duty assignment and be duds.

I always gave a soldier a lot of chances before I would recommend to the commander to chapter them out. It comes down to this; if that soldier will not obey my orders in peace time he/she damn sure will not obey orders in combat and that will get people killed—so I don’t these knuckleheads in my Army. I’m glad the Army stopped it.

Way to go, Grandma!!! :thumbsup:

If I had talked to either of my grandmothers that way I’d be lucky if all I got was a slap! And I don’t even want to think about what Mom would bring down once she heard about it! :eek:

NOTE This is not advocating “beatings”. However, I do believe corporal punishment has a time and place.

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