Grandmother to be admitted to hospital


please pray for my dear grandmother, my mom just called from the hospittal and told she was probably going to be admitted.(she has breast cancer). i dont ask you to pray for her servival.(i know that sounds cold but shes very old and eihter way i dont see her livingto much longer after words) but i ask that you pray that she doesnt give up hope. ( i know it sounds odd) but she has way of like almost giving up and my mother who tries her best to take care of her takes that very hard. its complicated.

i thank you all in advance

may the peace of our lord jesus christ be withall of you


I am praying for her now:

All praise and glory are yours,
Lord our God.
For you have called us to serve you and one another in love.
Bless our sick today so that they may bear their illness
in union with Jesus’ sufferings and restore them quickly to health.
Bless those who have grown old in your service
and give them courage and strength in their faith.
Lead us all to eternal glory.
We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ,
Your Son, who lives and reigns with you
and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.



Praying that the Lord’s will be done.


I will pray for all of you when I say my night prayers


Prayers for your grandmother and all your family.


Prayers for your grandmother and family! :crossrc:

We are in the same boat right now. My husband’s darling grandma is in the hospital with cancer too. She is dying. If you can, please pray for her too! Thanks. :slight_smile:


Passivesquid and Convert 99, your grandmas are both in my prayers.

Dear Lord, I pray for these grandmas, that you will watch over them and protect them. Guide them ever forward in their journey to your heavenly throne.
St. Anne, Grandmother of the Lord, pray for them.


Thanks Spirithound! God bless you too! :slight_smile:


:byzsoc: :crossrc:


You poor thing! :frowning: I don’t know what is happening with all this cancer but something is just so very wrong!

I will surely pray for you and Grandma!


Prayers for your grandmother and the family.:signofcross:


St. Peregrine, please pray for grandmother and all other cancer victims, particularly those of us battling breast cancer, and help her, and other victims, to find in the struggle, as you did, the path to virtue and sainthood.


Please pray for my friend’s wife, who is starting her struggle with breast cancer.

May the Lord guide all the doctors to help these women to overcome their diseases and bless the families that stand by and wait.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.


i will pray for yours as well as mine!


Thanks passivesquid! God bless you for your kindness! :slight_smile:


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