Grandmother's Cancer Prognosis: Terminal...days or weeks to live!


Thanks to all who have been praying for my husband’s grandmother Lois as she struggles with cancer.

We just received the call tonight. She is now considered terminal with days or weeks to live. She cannot eat or drink, her heart is filled with fluid. She is able to receive some nourishment through a feeding tube. She is in excruciating pain. :frowning:

Pray for the forgiveness of all her sins, freedom from her pain, a happy and peaceful death, and eternal rest with Jesus in heaven. :heaven:

Also, continue to pray for the conversion of her husband, children, sons in laws and daughters in laws, grandchildren and great-grand children. She and my husband’s mother, my husband and his sister are the only believers left. Pray for faith for all of Lois’s family. (It’s a HUGE family.) She would want nothing more. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry to hear this Convert.:frowning: I will say a Chaplet of Divine Mercy for her tomorrow night–and that your husband’s family and you will be comforted by our Lord during this trying time.


Divine Mercy hour soon here - I’ll offer my chaplet for Lois as well.


Lord Jesus, please grant Lois eternal rest with you in heaven and accept my trials these next weeks as sacrifice toward the purification of her soul. Please open the hearts of her family to your Holy Spirit, and welcome her as her families’ new advocate in the communion of the blessed.


Convert, I’m sorry to hear about Lois, I pray for her and your husband’s family through this trying time. :gopray:


Thanks to “whatevergirl”, “LilyM” , “PapaSquash” , and “Stitch” for your sweet replies. And thanks so much for the prayers in these last difficult days for Lois.

May God bless you and yours for your kindness to our family. :signofcross:


I will offer my morning prayers for her.



Thanks! God bless you and yours! :slight_smile:


Worrying! :frowning: Lord, have mercy on Lois and her family! Please, receive Lois at the eternal life and give force to her family. Amen. :gopray2:


Thanks. God bless you and yours! :slight_smile:


May God comfort Lois in her days and grant her peace.


May God bless you and yours. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:


I’m praying …:gopray:


Thanks Annunciata…God bless you and yours for your kindness to me! :slight_smile:


Thanks SO much for all the sweet prayers everyone! May God bless you and yours for your kindness to us. Please also pray that my husband can get time off work and we can find the finances to go visit her before she leaves us. We are several states away, and gas is VERY expensive. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Praying to St. Joseph for her happy death. Praying that she sees Jesus and Mary as she leaves this life to be with our Father in heaven.


How sweet! Considering she’s a devout PROTESTANT…it will be her first meeting with Mary! But, I think they’ll get along just fine. :wink:

Thanks…May God bless you and yours. And, you still have my prayers as well. :slight_smile:




Thanks mylo…blessings to you and yours. Especially on your future marriage.


:signofcross: Chaplets of Divine Mercy being offered for this holy soul…rest in our prayers and know that Jesus is so near! God bless you and all your family.

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