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This past January my 6 y/o grand dughter came to live with me. I don’t regret the decision but I never dreamed it would be as difficult as it can be sometimes.
What I am lacking in is patience. I am having trouble in “How” to help her with her homework, specifically reading. I know this and I am working on changing that part of me. In the mean time however, can y’all pray for me? I don’t feel right now I am being a very good “Nanny”.

                    ~ Kathy ~


God bless you for what you are doing! It can’t be easy to revisit motherhood but you have stepped up and done it! I’m grateful my Grandma did too. You will be rewarded for your efforts.

Praying for you today.


our foster daughter was raised by her grandmother, who was from the old country, barely spoke English, and had trouble dealing with the school etc. What helped her was friendships with neighbors with young children (like me) who went with her to school meetings and conferences, sacramental classes etc., and helped out where grandma could not. Grandma reciprocated by feeding the neighborhood liberally and lavishly and being an honorary grandma to kids on the block whose grandparents were far away (like mine). Can you make friends with mothers of her school friends and simply ask for help?


I don’t know the extent of your GD’s reading difficulties…but assuming she has no disabilities…consider frequent trips to the library to get books to read aloud to her…read books to her as often at possible…maybe she hasn’t had anyone sit down and read to her much up until now . I was reading to my kids soon after they were born (sounds crazy :whacky: I know) but they were both early readers…reading on their own at age 3. Start getting her interested in books now…does your local library have a children’s reading hour? Get your GD a little book bag to carry the books she chooses…get a bag for yourself…to contain the books you want to read for her.
Happy Reading!


You could probably call her teacher or the learning specialist at her school (or resource room teacher, depending on who the school is staffing) and get some good suggestions for strategizing the best way to help her. Sometimes older students will also tutor younger ones for service hours, too.


Hey, I am in the same boat, only I have 2 granddaughters, one in first grade, who have lived with me since October.

I am at an advantage. I work in a school.

While the work might look different, but it is no different than it was the first time around. You set up a homework area, keep the homework stuff there, put up a bulletin board, answer the question without giving the answer, and when the kid tries to stick you with the work, say, “I’ve already been to the first grade, and passed. This is your turn.” If she’s having trouble reading, sit with her at the computer while she works at If she’s a great reader, get her a chapter book and make some popcorn. You read a page, she reads a page, and snuggle if you can.:love:

In a lot of ways this is better. Patience I don’t always have. Organizational skills- I have those honed to an art. I can have these kids out of here in a half hour flat.

I have found that these type of kids are looking for reassurance they are loved, security that you aren’t going anywhere, and a firm but simple routine that doesn’t vary much that you have no intention of changing until they get a little older.

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