Can anyone provide references to good books, articles, internet sites on grandparenting. Problems, solutions, commentary etc.


Is it the kind of grandparenting that means they come to your house, you do things together, maybe spoil them a little, then back they go to Mom and Dad; or is it retread parenting, where somebody has ot step in to make sure the grandkids are taken care of?


I am asking about most aspects of grandparenting to day including grandparents who have to do daycare for their kids, grandparents who end up raising the grandchildren, etc. The spectrum of experience grandparents are subject to. Thanks


That could take pages and pages of posts!!!

If I were you, I would go to Google and search those areas, one at a time, such as “gradnparent grandchildren activities”. I woudl then read what has been written by other grandparents. I would perform the same searches at Amazon, just to be sure there was a good book or two. This is an area that is developing as we speak, the retread parent thing. Almost every month, there is a new book about it, and everybody has a theory at this point.

WARNING: Some of the sites when you search “grandparents raising grandchildren” will be written by grandpparents who have been badly burned by the court system/ their own kids/ themselves through arrogance. Pray to the Holy Spirit and Ss. Anne and Joachim when you go to those, for discernment.


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