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As I said in my first post, I’m a little bit up there in age(78) and proud of it. My husband and I were fair-to-middlin Catholics when we first married and stayed that way until the gray hairs appeared and we became sort of anxious about the next life. We had our ups & downs, ins & out all those years while raising our 5 sons & 5 daughters. We were always involved in the public school system, he as a teacher and principal and I as an English & French teacher. We were always very close to our kids and aware of their friends & acquaintances. They are all grown & married and have children of their own now and have been very loyal and attentive to us. Jack, my husband, died in 2002. He was bedridden for several months and we had many discussions about our relationship with the Lord and how we would greet Jesus when we “passed over.” I am thankful to be able to say that he died a calm, happy death. He had been anointed (several times) and received holy Viaticum just hours before he breathed his last. Some of the kids and I were around his bed and felt the peace and joy we knew he experienced as he met the Lord. This post is too long but I do want to say to those of you who are caught up in the sometimes painful process of family life to hang in there, never separate yourself from your God and your church and trust, trust, trust!! God bless families!


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I would like to ask you for some advice. My Mom is almost the same age as you, and is a fallen away Catholic. What advice can you give to a daughter, in her late 30’s, that could help bring her mom home to the Church? Often times these days we hear parents lamentingabout their fallen away Catholic kids, but what about fallen away Catholic parents?:shrug:


Kelly, isn’t it heartbreaking when a loved one loses all interest in their church? All my children except three remain Catholic but the three are Methodist, Mormon and Baptist. We all get along very well but they changed because “it’s such a hassle to go through all that paperwork of an annulment.” I guess I shouldn’t complain because they are very devout whatever they are and always come to Mass with me when they come to visit. It’s the grown grandchildren who worry me. They don’t attend any church after highschool and some have even neglected baptizing their babies! I mention it once or twice and then shut up. But I really storm heaven every night and morning on their behalf. That’s all one can really do, just leave it to Jesus and Mother Mary and try to live as Christian a life as possible as an example. Don’t nag. Pray with joy, peace & confidence!


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