Grants for Catholic education


Any resources for Catholic education grants that anyone is aware of? Any good sites?


Yes, the Knights of Columbus offers grants, but typically the school will ask for them on your behalf.

The school itself and it’s parish church will often provide grants.

I don’t know where in the world you are but I am under the Archdiocese of Los Angeles – and they too provide grants.

You’ll have to talk to the principal or financial coordinator of your local school.

Good Luck and God Bless!


I wish I had an answer for you, just sympathy. The only Catholic high school in our area is 45 minutes away and not supported by our parish, like the school our daughter currently goes to. So we are looking at $9000 for next year’s tuition. We might have to take out a loan. The school provides some assistance, but never a majority of the cost. I had researched this a while ago, and it seemed like I mostly found loans for secondary ed., rather than grants. Please let me know if you find anything!

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Do you mean grants so that you can better afford a Catholic education for your kids, or grants for the school’s programs?


You’re vague. I can think of half a dozen grant opportunities, but is it for an individual or a school? For preschool, K-12, or college?


For starters, if you are looking for grants for schools:

Also, many dioceses have foundations established for Catholic schools, as well.


Sorry, I typed my OP quickly, but we are looking for resources to fund programs at an elementary Catholic school. I apologize that it looked like I was searching for tuition assistance. Just looking for databases that might contain grant resources for eduction or for Catholic education.


I’d start with the NCEA and see what they tell you. They are a good source for the info you are seeking, I imagine. See the link in my previous post.


Today is your lucky day! This was part of what I used to do!!!

A lot of it depends on WHAT you plan to do with the money. I was the tech director, so everything I wanted to do involved getting more $$ for tech. There is private money for tech, art, PE, English, Reading, various forms of Social Studies esp. Geography, a ton of Science money.

If you PM me what you want to do with it, we can go from there- unless the rest of you are interested in the process.

There is also public money. Catholic schools are entitled by federal law to a portion of ALL non-religious funding the public school district gets, excepting computer hardware usage. This includes Title I, Title IID, Title V, and No Child Left Backwards. It is calculated on a formula that adds up all the pubilic school children in ALL the public schools ina district, then all the parochial and private school children in ALL the schools, then dividing the parochial and private portion between all the private and parochial schools based on population size. More kids, more $$. Most states provide books and materials used for non-religious purposes.

Does that help?


I am interested in learning more about the process to secure grants or funding for our Catholic grade school and to make sure we are receiving the proper govt. allocation for our school.

We could use the grants for everything from tech to the arts and sciences. I would especially like to learn if there is any resource that would help us connect with funding for languages. We currently have a foreign language taught from first grade through 8and would like explore ways to expand that or mabye even fund a separate language club, specifically Latin.

I would also like to learn if there are any resources that provide grants, in kind services, or other support for the marketing initiatives for Catholic Schools as we are currently creating a strategic plan to increase enrollment, evangelization, and community awareness of our school’s mission.

Thanks in advance. Any insight or guidance would be greatly appreciated.



Although this reply is long after the query, here is an answer for anyone who is interested.

There are many, many grant opportunities for Catholic elementary schools. And you may feel free to contact me with specific questions.

RESEARCH is the key to success. You can find a foundation, but until you find out if your mission and/or needs align with those of the foundation, it is just a name. Having, or making a connection at the foundation is a must. Submitting a proposal "cold" proposal gives you less of a chance of success than a single call to the Grants Administrator.

Try to find smaller family foundations in your area. Those who are your neighbors are more likely to have an interest and maybe even a connection to your school. Family foundations

You may buy, or subscribe to FADICA's Catholic Funding Guide which outlines some of the foundations that make grants to our schools. ($100 for the online version, and around $150 for the book) But this is not the definitve source for this info. is a great resource. You can search your zip, city, state or a keyword search to see who is giving, how much and to which organizations. You can search a foundations 990's (tax return) and scroll down to get specific information on who has received how much from the foundation. This is a limited tool for those who aren't experienced grant researchers. Check out their site to see if your area library has a "complimentary collection" which essentially allows you to do a very comprehensive search of criteria such as "catholic school", "catholic" and "elementary education", etc..,.

*********.com is a similar tool.

An excellent resource for information on foundation grants is checking your neighboring schools (elementary, high school and even college) Annual Reports to see who their donors are.

Google all of the obvious keywords, and you will find many grant opportunities for your school.

Best of luck. The work of our Catholic elementary schools is incredibly valuable, and opening the eyes and hearts of potential funders is good work.


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Wow, this is great! I have a 6 year old and i am a newbie to all this and need help. I am a new member to our home and school association and my task is finding grants or additional funding for us. We are faurly small and could use a lot of help. And help is soooooo appreciated!!!! Thank you and god bless!!!!!!:)


Send me a private message and I will be glad to give you some help.

I'll need to know what you are seeking funding for, and the amount. Also, your location and the number of students.

Be very much aware that the principal and faculty will have to be part of the grant writing process. Unless you are an educator, having their input, especially with Common Core, STEM and the like, your proposal will not be strong enough to gain funding.

D-E-S-O-U-T-E-R-J at A-O-L (This system blocks any URLs or email addresses.)

There are also other ways that do not include traditional fundraising that you can consider.


And actually, not only would I be interested in Grants and funding for our school but also for students. I know in our current economy we have a lot of families struggling just to make ends meet, and we have lost some families because they can not afford tuition especially with multiple children. We have a small program in place but it still makes tuition difficult for many. And help on both topics would be sooooooo wonderful! God bless you all for helping!! Thank you in advance.!!!! :blush:


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