Graphic abortion pic outside of Catholic Church


aren’t those issues the same thing?

despite the straying of Mother Roman Church into politics, anti-trumpism, immigration & communion for divorced re-married catholics

the pro-life agenda seems to have been left to Father Pavone (who for whatever reason is no longer allowed on EWTN)

and the evangelical protestants


Wow. So, basically, the body of a fetus can be used to make a point.

I am dropping the mic here now. I am thoroughly disgusted and perturbed, and will continue to pray for all the women who have been alienating by the actions of others.


No. Pro-life issues are not the same thing as pro-birth. Life is more than just getting into the world. Issues like war, the environment, the death penalty, immigration, social justice, are also pro-life issues, at least in the Catholic Church.


wait a second; that map, conveniently painted in “green”

which one of the “deep green” states votes pro-life, NOT ONE :frowning:


When you go, don’t hurt yourself on the door. Lol
Also, you keep saying “fetus” strange? I hear that word lots from the mothers of those in favor of abortion…Fr. Povone placed a BABY that was murdered on that altar.


I have to agree. The parallel with what is being done with fetus for speech and for medical research is too much for me.


That’s rude. Flagged!


Texas, Nebraska. Oregon is only 14% Catholic. I do not see the correlation, like I said. It would take math, not colors and not conjecture to make a significant correlation, and even that would provide no causation.




ok nebraska; which i had no idea had that many catholics, votes pro-life; i will grant you that

the other deep greens are 1,000% pro-abortion

trust me; i live in one of those states :frowning:


You should try to be more charitable to Catholic priests.


Sometimes causes are hurt more by extremist who can’t see that how they deliver their message is as important as what that message is.

I understand your passion and your zeal, but this might not be the right medium. Have you considered something like using dolls that can be distributed? This was done at a local teen convention recently, and the current group of “progressive” parents had a fit when their daughters all came home saying “Look, Mom!! This is what my baby would look like by the time its ten weeks old! Isn’t it adorable?” They raised all kind of noise in the newspapers, but at the end of the day, those girls had hours of carrying around their doll that showed what “their” baby would look like.


So should priests be to dead babies. And not live streaming their dead bodies on Facebook and desecrating the altar.


Fr. Povone never desecrated an altar. Stop maligning him.


You call pre born babies “fetus” too! strange? I hear that word lots from those in favor of abortion…


I have never found it to be very effective to argue with insults. The word “fetus” is accurate, and was used because I was thinking of fetal stem cells. I refer you to the Catechism’s teaching on rash judgment. You are making a lot of assumptions about other people. Perhaps it would be a good time to consider what you are trying to accomplish here.


And I’ll continue to call a baby a baby.


Hey, I never expected this conversation to turn this way. I am not asking for anyone to do what I do or for your approval. You do what you are called to do to help others and I will continue to do the same. I will not tear you down. I don’t mind if you are critical of me, that’s fine. I disagree with you and will continue to carry these signs I KNOW save lives.


I think there are other ways of protesting that speaker than what you plan on doing.


I love hearing others ideas. I still plan on holding that sign though to show the truth about what that speaker believes should be a “right”.

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