Graphic novel "The Order" to become film

The Order is a group of young men collared by the Vatican to join an elite team that travels the globe battling mysterious evil forces.

Sounds like it could make for an interesting action-adventure film. But after hearing this news, I was wondering, where can I find this book? I can’t find any information about it. Anyone here know anything about it?

Hopefully they make the “Priests” in the movie loyal to the Church and not use it as a chance to take shots at the Vatican. I can see one of the Priests end up having sexual relations with a woman in the movie and another making jokes about how ineffective or unnecessary the hierarchy is and another giving advice that Church is important but at the end of the day its all about “us” and doing what “we” think is right, even if we’re at odds with the Church. That’s my prediction.

Yep, and don’t forget the millennia old conspiracy that the big bad Vatican covered up the ‘real truth’ about Jesus…(insert any amount of Dan Brown faecal matter…)

I didn’t know you could shoot a supernatural force.

I think the one on the right might be a supernatural force, himself, dude’s got some way weird leg anatomy. Maybe “alien priest?”

Profoundly stupid looking. I can think of several uses of Catholic clergy in comics that are more nuanced. One of the better ones was the use of a Catholic priest in an old DC title ‘Suicide Squad’ which was about a team of super-villians who are offered pardons and fresh starts by the government if they undertake hazardous missions for them. Their base had a priest as a chaplain and he was portrayed as a very likeable figure who was conflicted about the morality of the govt. programme. Catwoman’s sister was at one point a nun (although this may no longer be true as DC has rebooted their continuity as of late last year) and was at points portrayed sympathetically although she often clashed with her sister regarding religion. Later writers chose to have her leave her order and marry, which was actually handled surprisingly well for the most part.

Over at Marvel comics Nightcrawler of X-men fame was of course studying to be a priest and was ordained at one point. Although sadly Christ Claremont who introduced his faith as a part of his character plainly had more of a human and sympathetic understanding of various faiths than later writers who wrote this character.

Daredevil’s mother is a nun of course in the mainstream continuity and that was handled quite well also and her faith was portrayed as genuine and heartfelt. Those are superhero comics where we expect a certain level of the ridiculous as a genre convention but this graphic novel looks pretty poor based on that art work. I’d have to read it in fairness to see if my initial suspicions are borne out but it looks like the kind of silly versions of clergy you see in some anime.

If this is going to be another Paul Bettany film, I’ll wait until it’s free on cable. :wink:

Preacher from Vertigo would potentially make a good movie I think. However considering the themes in that comic and the blacker than black humor and peculiarly tongue wedged firmly in cheek nature of the original material it would cause severe jaw dropping.

Preacher was supposed to be made into an HBO series, but they dropped it, and Colombia Pictures picked up the film rights. Supposedly it’s in some state of pre-production right now.

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