Graphic Obama-Themed Abortion Display Clashes with Strong Pro-Abortion Presence at UC Berkeley

BERKELEY, California, October 28, 2009 ( - The University of California Berkeley campus erupted into a hotbed of controversy earlier this week after the Genocide Awareness Project set up an immense two-day display of graphic abortion images in the midst of what is considered one of the most liberal universities in America.

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform teamed up with the on-campus group Berkeley Students for Life on Monday and Tuesday to set up the large images of aborted children, juxtaposed with the images and words of President Obama. The huge billboards quickly attracted curious onlookers and angry local abortion supporters. (See pictures of the billboards here)

Opponents, in large part assembled by students from the Gender Studies Department and the local chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW), held various signs, linked arms and loudly chanted “our body, our choice” for hours.

The UC Berkeley campus also reportedly hosted a debate over abortion on Monday between University of San Francisco philosophy professor Raymond Dennehy and UC Berkeley Department of Public Health professor Malcolm Potts.

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Wow, that’s powerful. It really does put it in perspective. :bighanky::signofcross:

To say nothing about the baby’s body or the baby’s choice. It’s the baby’s body they’re mutilating, not their own. What a choice.


wow. It’s heartening to see efforts like that especially in such a PC, liberal setting. good for them. I hope it works!

While I can’t deny that such images can have a very powerful effect when used properly, I just don’t like the idea of putting them up in large public displays. It can be quite traumatizing to some people, and we should be aware of that.

That must be the greatest demonstration I have ever seen. The images are, well, graphic. Look at them. And do penance.

While I have always had very negative feelings about such graphic images, I am thrilled the student pro-life group at Berkeley was gutsy enough to do this, knowing full well the opposition they would face. My (Catholic and pro-life) son-in-law is doing a two-year post-doctoral fellowship there now, and I’ll be interested to get his take on things. It is, indeed, wildly liberal, but free speech of any stripe, no matter how far out, has generally been encouraged; I am sure this must be giving the administration a bad case of heartburn.

I think it’s most heartening that the pendulum seems to have begun to swing in the pro-life direction in this country, led, I feel, by young people. I don’t know what accounts for this, but I would imagine that the truth of fetal development, as shown through modern ultrasound technology, has had some impact. Additionally, pro-life groups have worked tirelessly for nearly 4 decades. More prayer and work is needed, but I think that we are changing hearts and minds, which is the only way the pro-life side will ever ultimately prevail.

Just think of the 50 Million innocent babies who were slaughtered this way. I do not disagree that these images are shocking, but isn’t that what Satan prefers a very neutral and clam idea of abortion. Kind of out of sight out of mind.:blush:

God bless those people for standing up for what’s right in such a pro-choice university and city.

I personally am a big supporter of the graphic image displays. I think one of the biggest problems with the abortion debate is that most people don’t have any real idea of what abortion is. Displays like this force people to come to terms with what it really is. Yes it’s horrific and disgusting, and that’s the point. It should make you want to go vomit for 2 hours. It should make you want to gouge your eyes out. Because this is ultimately the price our society is paying for allowing abortion.

May God bless the pro-life movement. As someone who is heavily involved in the pro-life movement, I can tell you I do sense public opinion swinging our way. My main concern right now is how can we prevent Obama from causing too much damage before we can get him out of office.

On the other hand, it gets them out of their virtual reality. Few of these people have seen even a chicken killed. They flock to the movies to see death and slaughter, because they are separated from it all by a glass wall, so to speak.

This is a good point. On the one hand it shouldn’t be sugar coated as a reality. People like to think of fetus as blobs, not mini digits, and distinctly mini humans already.

But I’m sure it’s haunting to those women who are carrying a secret in public or haven’t sought therapy. Also the men involved with pushing for abortions. I’m not necessarily disagreeing with this specific campaign, but in general, there should be good caution for the debate when thinking of the young women who’ve had abortions who are victim to this systematic slaughter of innocents.

I think one very, very important thing for pro-Life Catholics / Christians, is to think of the women who’ve had abortion and are guilt ridden, especially the younger ones who’ve been felt heavy lies into their head through school and the media, (The non-remorseful ones are a bit monstrous but I doubt many of them exist) when engaging in debates. It gives us even more persuasiveness in the ability to cut through the ‘smear’ that pro-lifers are "extremists’ or fanatical religious who want to strip away "women’s rights "

Opponents, in large part assembled by students from the Gender Studies Department and the local chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW), held various signs, linked arms and loudly chanted “our body, our choice” for hours.

In the face of such a stunningly clever defense of killing unborn children, it’s a wonder everyone isn’t anti-abortion.

– Mark L. Chance.

I am not sure about the graphic images but I do think that this is our best bet on making people understand that yes, abortion is murder. I have met and talked to so many who have no idea that a fetus is not just a blob of tissue but a human. Looking at those tiny little hands should make anyone realize that truth.

These guys should tour every American campus nationwide!

I think these women who are suffering with guilt would be the BEST and loudest voices we could ask for in our campaign! let them see the images and realize what they have done and they should certainly want to make sure no one else does it and then feels as badly as they do! they have, after all, made their bed. now they must lay in it.

I don’t mean to not sound sympathetic, as I can’t imagine their emotional state. but I know that if this idea works the way I think it should, then upsetting a handful of women should not stop it!

These guys should tour every American campus nationwide!

When I was in college back in 2001, this group or a very similar group came to our campus at the University of Texas at Austin (a fairly liberal campus and city in an otherwise conservative state). They had very similar bill boards mounted on trucks and set up in the middle of campus near the popular student gym, the undergrad library, and the enormous cell blocks of Jester dorm.

It cause quite a ruckus and stirred a lively debate (not all of it very charitable) on campus for days. It made an impression, but I think the typical reaction of most unrepentant abortion supporters was to say, “See! This is proof the pro-life movement are fanatics and crazy! Don’t listen to them!”. The pro-choicers also tried to make the argument that these pictures are revolting to any innocent kids who happen by them and should be expelled from campus. Oh the bitter irony.

Many also tried to make the argument that the pictures are so revolting, not because it shows the death of innocent persons (a moral evil), but because it shows blood and human tissue. They say its exactly analogous to seeing pictures of surgery (which is not immoral but still revolting).

I think that people need to see the consequences of their actions and the consequences of the movements they support. That “human tissue” looks an awful lot like developing human life, which should be held sacred.

Opponents, in large part assembled by students from the Gender Studies Department and the local chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW), held various signs, linked arms and loudly chanted “our body, our choice” for hours.

I get so sick of the hypocrisy of these pro-abortion women. Yes, it is your body, and it is your choice, lady. You never want to see stuff like this again? There’s a simple solution: keep your pants on.

Here! Here! :thumbsup:

The only drawback to this kind of stuff is that pro-choice - which is really a sugar-coated way of saying pro-abortion - supporters will think that we’re obsessed with mutilated babies. They won’t see the connection between the images and what’s really going on.

There is some sort of disconnect going on in their minds… but there’s got to be a way to re-connect. I think that’s the key to get most of these people to realize exactly what it is they do when they get an abortion.

I like the suggestion to get women who have gone through it and regret it to speak up, and that is already happening. But many don’t want to speak up because it was such a traumatic experience.

I really do appreciate the fact that “Roe” (or Norma McCorvey) of “Roe vs. Wade” is speaking out against her mistake. And I’m happy that she converted back to Catholicism and back to God and is actively fighting abortion now. One would think that would get at least some people to see the error to their ways of thinking.

THIS is a video of her testimony.


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