Grassley: Dems 'withheld information' on new Kavanaugh allegation


Withheld, really shows to me, this is a smear campaign and witch hunt.



Totally, agree.


Hang on a second. Buried in this article is the fact that the lawyer representing the new accusers claims that Kavennaugh organized for a group of guys to “run a train” on a girl! Claims he has evidence but won’t release it to the Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans.

This is insane! We are supposed to believe that Kavennaugh managed to pass multiple security background checks for 30yrs, meanwhile he attempted to rape and murder one girl, stuck his junk in another girl’s face, and that there are multiple witnesses to him organizing and engaging in a sexual orgy. All while in High School and a freshman in college.


And we’re supposed to believe it with no evidence!

Removed faultily remembered news.


You’ll get crickets from most Democrats or anti-trumpers on here.

At best, you’ll get “let’s see both sides before being hasty.”

Anyone who doesnt admit this seems ridiculous is either lying, or not worth anyone’s time to discourse with because they are politically blind and ignorant.


Michael Avenatti, what a standup guy!


The New Yorker Article stated:

The offices of at least four Democratic senators have received information about the allegation, and at least two have begun investigating it. Senior Republican staffers also learned of the allegation last week and, in conversations with The New Yorker , expressed concern about its potential impact on Kavanaugh’s nomination. Soon after, Senate Republicans issued renewed calls to accelerate the timing of a committee vote.

It appears that Grassley is denying that Senior Republican staffer’s know, or had conversations with the New Yorker. But the phrasing of Grassley’s comment reported in the Hill is curiously tight.

GOP staffers knew that the Ramirez accusation were forthcoming as they pushed to move the nomination process ahead last week, according to The New Yorker. Grassley denied this, saying the committee’s staff was not aware until Sunday.

“The committee’s majority staff learned the allegations made by Deborah Ramirez about Judge Kavanaugh from this evening’s New Yorker report,” Grassley’s spokesperson said. “Neither she nor her legal representative have contacted the chairman’s office. The article reports that Democratic staff were aware of these allegations, but they never informed Republican staff.”

There is some fine-tuned wording going on here. My hunch, consistent with both reports, is that Senior Republican staff got an advance copy of the New Yorker article a day or more before the Sunday release, but did not hear from the others mentioned. That would be a very clever deflection.


This is an orchestrated smear campaign. Kavanaugh is innocent. He has friends that defend his character! BUT, the funniest thing is:the witnesses given by Ford & Ramirez deny these actions took place. Why,is this allowed to go in? Because DEMS feel this teen age, ALMOST RAPIST can’t be a dignified adult now. I feel any immature action taking place before 18 yrs of age is NOT ADMISSIBLE. If he had a juvenile record that was thick, that would be different. I’m not saying, Brett is guilty. He’s not! Her drunken memory is encouraged by the RESISTANCE. I will say this! NEVER AGAIN SHOULD QUESTIONABLE FACTS BE PUBLIC! If corroborated, then, go public.
Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh did not deserve this sleazy attack on their characters.
Make DEMS eat HUMBLE PIE! Search all Congress members teen files and expose them now.
Jesus, Your child Brett Kavanaugh and his family are being attacked by Satan. Send angels to protect him, his wife and kids. Place a hedge around them to fight off darts of the enemy.
Christ is our Victor!
In Jesus name


Kavanaugh’s replacement is further right.

click here google youtube gutfeld


Indeed it is a witch-hunt. They’re clearly trying to delay the process in order that Kavanaugh might not be confirmed. When the New York Times won’t even print the story for the fact they couldn’t confirm it, clearly it’s false.


If this happens, wonder what allegations will the Dems come up with?


“Presumably out of a shared belief that the sacrament of abortion might be threatened by a second Trump nominee serving on the court, some in the media are running multiple stories based on reputation-destroying allegations that have not come close to meeting a journalistic standard.”

“At some point one must consider whether evil means are justified for progressive ends. The bottom line is that this media-enabled Democratic smear campaign simply can’t be the standard by which we destroy people. Watching this miscarriage of justice is radicalizing those who care about rule of law and political processes that have a semblance of sanity.”


Wow, very interesting point!


Lord, Jesus, convict the Republicans to defend the men & ergo, KAVANAUGH! This #metoo, is turning into mob control. All women are not victims! All men are not predators. Help us get Your balance into an Evil situation from Satan.
In Jesus name


Well, since smearing him as a misogynist isn’t working as well as expected, how about accusing him of being homophobic or Islamophobic?


That’s for Trump’s next appointee. But you forgot “racist”. You see, his mother fed him Aunt Jemima pancakes when he was four.


Unless those fact benefit Republicans, in which case trot them out, by all means.
(E.g. Obama’s Kenyan citizenship.)


I like to start with Vince Foster. Amazingly enough that still has traction among some.


Or maybe the “fact” that thousands of Muslims in Jersey watched and cheered when the twin towers went down.


I’m referring to sexual accusations. Juvenile behavior. Juvenile records are not allowed in court. Something happened to Ford but not by Kavanaugh! Her witness said, she didn’t know Brett & he wasn’t at parties. Other accusers has witnesses who said, K not guilty.

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