Grassley refers Planned Parenthood tissue sales case to FBI, Justice Department


U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley is asking federal authorities to investigate and perhaps bring criminal charges against Planned Parenthood and three tissue-specimen companies over improper sales of tissue from aborted fetuses.


An administration that sues religious orders to provide contraception won’t bring criminal charges against Genocide Inc. (because let’s call them what they REALLY are).


The current Justice Department will not, but if the Justice Department is under Jeff Sessions…


Yes, except you never know how fast the FBI investigates.


Well, imo, this seems to confirm the videos were not misleadingly edited.


The middle men were selling the tissue specimens at huge markups,
I expect the doctors were getting kick-backs in some fashion.


PP’s claims that the footage was edited were specious from the beginning.


It shows a low level of integrity to refuse the validity of the PP videos just because there was normal editing (full video footage was also made available). Yet these same people will defend Katie Couric and the blatantly deceptive edits in her anti-gun documentary.


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