Grateful for Catholic views on family

Today, I am feeling so grateful for the Catholic teaching on family. I wasn’t raised in a Catholic home-- my mother worked all of the time and there was a huge emotional distance between me and my sibling. I grew up in a very lonely house… Even though I was lonely, I also said I would NEVER have kids. That was a perfectly acceptable Protestant choice. I guess family life didn’t seem that great to me-- why try for a family? Thankfully I married a Catholic and slowly became exposed to Catholic teachings on family. I see the connections and love that my kids have and think “this is the way kids are supposed to grow up.” If I had not become Catholic, I may not have realized the most important truths in life. Even in my early married life, I thought I’d stop at one child, but the Catholic teaching kept working on me-- thank God I didn’t stop with one or two! Catholic teaching can be difficult,but I just wanted to share how grateful I am for what it has given me-- a house full of love. I am also grateful how the Catholic Church,above all others, values mothers and particularly stay at home mothers. It’s hard to find any other place in this country where you are really valued as a SAHM.

I have also recently noticed the negativity in the U.S. toward having children. Anytime a story where it is mentioned that someone had a baby, there are a slew of negative comments and insults-- as if having a baby is a terrible thing! Sometimes, I can’t believe what I’m reading and feel sorry for the bitter people out there who are probably destined for a life of loneliness because of their anti-family views.

Thank you Church-- you have given me a meaningful life.

Amen! :clapping:

Thank you for sharing, it is wonderful and very uplifting to read something so positive. And I feel exactly the same way as you do!

Great Post! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I agree! I love how my Catholic faith allows me to embrace my family as a part of living my faith! Having a sample of God’s love living in my home is fantastic and my faith helps me to see God’s love everyday in my children and husband.

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