Grateful for small things


My husband and I have been having kinda bad luck lately. We had been living off of my paychecks and barely scraping by, as he has not been able to find a job since graduating from ITT. Then I got “temporarily” laid off, so it’s even more of a struggle. Now we’re living off of my unemployment plus the extra $100 a week or so I’m allowed to make before the Dept of Labor deducts it from my UC benefits. Then today his car was hot-wired and stolen in broad daylight in the KFC parking lot. (He was picking up mashed potatoes for my Mom who just had oral surgery!) We’re pretty sure it’s long gone, and no, we don’t have insurance for theft. On top of all that, my ATM card was missing earlier and I remembered using it on Sunday when we were out with family, and figured it had been left in the restaurant. I panicked and searched all through my purse and all over the apartment, and still couldn’t find it. Then I said a really quick prayer to St Anthony and the card turned up immediately. He has always been great for me! I can’t remember a time this didn’t work. (Anyone ever not find something after asking him?) So that’s one thing I can always count on. I wish I had more faith to pray to other saints more often and expect answers. Or can I pray to him that my husband finds a job or I get mine back? Or that his car is found? (Though this I doubt; we live in an area where there are lots of highways going in different directions.)
Sorry to ramble. Thanks in advance for any thoughts. I guess I just wanted to tell someone and all the sane people are in bed here. (:


I would try St. Rita (saint of lost causes).

wow you’re luck has really sucked! it’s during these times that our faith has to be strong.


St Jude works too- Patron Saint of impossibilities or desperate causes. When in doubt look around you and see the beauty in the world. Notice we have two arms, two legs, two eyes and it will be OK. Good luck.


In times like these make our faith grow stronger .I have learned this and it is what keeps me going each day .Have faith .


Thanks to all those who posted–and to everyone who viewed and didn’t post but did say a prayer for us! My husband’s car was found today and returned to us. The police here have a policy that when they find a stolen car, once they’ve tested, dusted it for prints and looked for “evidence” and whatnot, they have to take it to a “safe place” until the owner can get it. So they impounded it, and we had to PAY to get it back! (Are ya kidding me??) But we are so glad to have it back! Just thought you might like the update, all you posting and non-posting readers! :wink:

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